DJI Phantom 5 Drone release date, specs, price and features

New DJI Phantom 5 Drone Photos

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If you were saving money to buy a premium drone this Christmas, Chinese drone maker DJI may have something special up its sleeves. We have already seen leaked photos and sketches of the upcoming DJI Phantom 5 drone many times over the last year or so. It appears that its launch is just around the corner. Here’s everything you need to know about the Phantom 5 drone ahead of its launch.

DJI Phantom 5 drone release date

DJI is holding a global launch event in New York City on Wednesday, November 28th, where it is expected to unveil the Phantom 5 drone. The company hasn’t revealed what it’s going to announce but the rumor mill expects the show to be all about the long-awaited Phantom 5 drone. The event, titled “Because Life is Big!”, will take place at 2 PM Eastern Time at Good Morning America Studios in Midtown Manhattan.

DJI Phanton 5

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The illustration on the event invite appears similar to the shape of the Hasselblad lens, which we recently saw on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. If that wasn’t a strong enough indication, the current DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 has gone out of stock just ahead of the DJI Phantom 5 drone launch. The Chinese company has chosen New York for all its major drones including the Spark, Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom.

DJI Phantom 5 features and specs

When the leaked photos of a prototype Phantom 5 drone with interchangeable lenses¬†emerged on the Internet, DJI said the pictures were of a one-off modified Phantom 4 Pro designed for an enterprise customer. However, folks at DroneDJ believe that enterprise customer was one of DJI’s partners. DJI could be working with Sony or Hasselblad on the new interchangeable lens format for the 1-inch sensors. So, DJI and its partners might have used that prototype for testing.

According to the rumor mill, the Phantom 5 will be available in two models. One will feature a zoom lens while another model would feature interchangeable lenses. The zoom version is expected to have 3.5x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom, which should allow for a total of 7x zoom in Full HD.

The interchangeable lens model is said to have four interchangeable lenses – 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm. You’ll be able to swap in different lenses. The interchangeable lenses will be particularly useful to professional photographers.

The DJI Phantom 5 is expected to feature a 1-inch CMOS sensor with 20-megapixel and adjustable aperture. It would also have the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS). According to DroneDJ, it would have a global mechanical shutter to eliminate the rolling shutter effect. It should be able to capture photos in HDR, HyperLight, QuickShots, and Panorama modes. DJI could also redesign the controller.

The upcoming drone is expected to shoot 4K videos at 60fps, 4K 10-bit HDR footage, and Hyperlapse footage. Similar to the recently launched  Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom, it would offer Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing to avoid trees, buildings, birds, and other obstacles in its way. It is said to have OcuSync 2.0, Active Track 2.0, and downward facing LEDs as well.

The DJI Phantom 5 is rumored to have a maximum flight time of 35 minutes compared to 31 minutes for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

How much is it going to cost?

There is little information on how much it would cost. We expect it to cost more than the recently launched Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom drones. DroneDJ speculates that the company is going to price the Phantom 5 between $1,700 and $2,500. The “Because Life is Big” event is less than a couple of weeks away, so we will find out the official prices soon.

DJI unveiled the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom drones only a few weeks ago. They have a new speed-control system and redesigned propellers that make them quieter than before. The Mavic 2 Zoom starts at $1,249 while the Pro variant sets you back by$1,449.

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