Apple Starts Development Camp For Female Entrepreneurs

Apple Starts Development Camp For Female Entrepreneurs
Image source: Apple

The growing number of women working in software development and running their own businesses has inspired Apple to support female entrepreneurs through its new Entrepreneur Camp. The camp focuses on app development, which is extremely popular and much-needed in tech development.

The camp is set to begin in January and will be free of charge. One of the best advantages is that it won’t last long. Apple believes two weeks are more than enough to kickstart anyone’s app development knowledge and learn all the essentials and important things to keep you going in the future. The company’s engineers will teach female entrepreneurs about design, technology and how marketing works for the App Store.


Eligible applicants must be a female founder or co-founder of their company, or their company must be led by women. The company must also have at least one woman in its development team.

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The program should appeal to female entrepreneurs and developers who work at an Android-only app developer because it will allow them to learn more about developing apps for iOS. Apple also gains from this project because it could increase the number of quality apps available in the App Store.

“We wanted to focus on women who already have an app-driven business, and we don’t require them to have an iOS app,” Apple Senior Director of Worldwide Developer Marketing Esther Hare told TechCrunch. “This isn’t an incubator where you come with a good idea and we help you think through it. It’s about already having a good idea, maybe they want to incorporate machine learning or augmented reality, or use some of Apple’s other technologies.”

She also said said they believe they can help bring more women into leadership positions and keep women in the workforce.

The company also allows you to bring up to three members from your team to the camp.

“Even if they’re not the most advanced, they get to come to the workshop to get support, network and skill development,” Hare said.

“Apple is committed to helping more women assume leadership roles across the tech sector and beyond,” CEO Tim Cook said in a statement in the press release about the camp. “We’re proud to help cultivate female leadership in the app development community with the new Apple Entrepreneur Camp, and we’re inspired both by the incredible work that’s already happening, and what’s sure to come.”

To learn more and apply to participate in the camp, you can click here.

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