Scientists Discover Underwater Volcanic World Near Tasmania

Scientists Discover Underwater Volcanic World Near Tasmania
Image Credit: CSIRO

Scientists have created a detailed seafloor map that reveals a mysterious underwater volcanic world off the coasts of Tasmania. The never-before-seen underwater world is home to diverse species of sea creatures.

Experts from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) made the discovery when an investigator tried to map the seafloor 249 miles east of the Tasmanian coast. Scientists from the Australian National University conducted the research on the discovery. They spotted a chain of “seamounts,” or mountains deep in the ocean. This provided the first mesmerizing view of the mysterious underwater volcanic world.

“Our multibeam mapping has revealed in vibrant detail, for the first time, a chain of volcanic seamounts rising up from an abyssal plain about 5000m [16,404 feet] deep,” Dr. Tara Martin of CSIRO said in a statement. “The seamounts vary in size and shape, with some having sharp peaks while others have wide flat plateaus, dotted with small conical hills that would have been formed by ancient volcanic activity.”

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