Man Divorces Wife After Finding Her With A Stranger On Google Maps

Man Divorces Wife After Finding Her With A Stranger On Google Maps
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A man in Peru divorced his wife because of a photo he saw on Google Street View. The man reportedly found his wife cuddling with another man in one of the pictures taken by Google.

Google can shock as you as well

According to local media, the man was using Google Street View to search for the best route to a bridge in Lima, Peru’s capital city. When he was moving the camera around at street level, the man noticed a woman on a bench with a man’s head on her lap. Though the picture wasn’t entirely unexpected, what caught his attention were the woman’s clothes, which he said were the same as his wife’s.

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After taking a closer look, the man said he got the shock of his life because the woman in the photo turned out to be his wife, and the man she was with was not him. It must be noted that Street View blurs identifiable features such as faces, house numbers and vehicle license plates. In this case, the man said he was able to identify his wife from the woman’s clothes and build.

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The image on Google Street View was taken in 2013, but it didn’t matter as they were already married at the time. The man confronted the wife, who then admitted to cheating, the local media reports say.

The couple, who haven’t been named, later divorced. La Cronica claims the man shared his story and the Google Street View images on Facebook. It must be noted that the images can be verified, but not the man’s story. No local media outlets conducted any interview with the man, who remains unidentified.

More bizarre stories from Google Street View

This is not the first time Google Street View has gained attention due to unexpected photos. In a similar case earlier this year, a Mexican woman reportedly found her husband on a Street View image with his arms around another woman. In 2013 a woman in Russia claimed to have come across a Google Street View photo of her fiancé with another woman.

“First I noticed a familiar silhouette. First I thought, ‘How can someone else look so similar to my Sasha?’” the Russian woman reportedly told the Russian-language site LifeNews, according to the Mirror. “I looked more carefully, zoomed in and saw that it was indeed him. I realized that he was lying and cheating on me all this time,” she said.

She ended up calling off the wedding.

Google Street View even captured an armed robbery in South Africa in 2015. Additionally, an image of a child in Buenos Aires tripping on a street went viral on social media previously.

Another bizarre story related to Google Maps dates to 2010 when residents of St John’s, a large suburb of Worcester, England, reported an image of a young girl lying facedown on the road. The incident was later reported to police. In their investigation, police found the girl alive and well. She had been playing a game with her friend at the time when the Google car passed by.

Ever heard of SheepView360?

Another amusing story related to Google Maps comes from a little-known place called the Faroe Islands. The place is so remote that Google Street View hasn’t visited it. Residents came up with their own mapping solution instead, which involved putting cameras on the backs of sheep.

Durita Dahl Andreassen of Visit Faroe Islands came up with the idea for SheepView360. The fact that sheep outnumber humans on the island by nearly two to one, and that they can freely roam the rugged terrain on the island made them the ideal choice for the job. The Faroe Islands have a human population of about 48,700, compared to roughly 80,000 sheep.

Andreassen fitted the needed setup to five sheep. The setup included a 360-degree camera, an iPhone to send the images, an extra battery and solar panels to extend the battery life.  Pictures were taken every minute, and then Andreassen uploads them to Street View.

Though the sheep are doing a decent job of capturing images of the beautiful islands, the main aim of this project was to attract Google’s attention so the mapping can be done professionally. Visit Faroe Islands even launched a petition and started a #wewantgooglestreetview campaign.

“Here in the Faroe Islands we have to do things our way,” Andreassen told The Guardian. “Knowing that we are so small and Google is so big, we felt this was the thing to do.

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