Care2 Petition Calls On Kanye & Adidas To Move “Yeezy” Sneakers Manufacturing From China To The U.S.

Care2 Petition Calls On Kanye & Adidas To Move “Yeezy” Sneakers Manufacturing From China To The U.S.
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Petition Sparked By News That Kanye Is Planning A Meeting With Trump To Discuss The Resurgence Of American Manufacturing

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A new Care2 petition is calling on Kanye West and Adidas who produce Yeezy sneakers to begin manufacturing the high-end footwear in the U.S. instead of China. The Care2 petition has gathered 2,000 signatures so far.


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The Care2 petition was launched after news broke that Kanye West was planning a meeting with Donald Trump to discuss the resurgence of American manufacturing, among other things.

“Kanye's high-end sneakers are currently made at the Apache Footwear factory in China where workers are horribly exploited,” reads the Care2 petition.  “And yet Kanye has the gall to prattle on about U.S. manufacturing with the president — who also manufactures many of his name-brand products overseas too.”

An expose published in UK news site Mirror in 2017 claimed workers in the factory that produce Yeezy shoes based in Guangdong province make a monthly wage of only $184 and are frequently forced to work 10 hours a day six days a week.  Adidas has denied the accusations.

“If Kanye West wants to talk to Trump about American manufacturing,” states the Care2 petition, “he should actually make his products in the U.S.”

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