Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Is Now Published

Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Is Now Published
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Stephen Hawking, who died earlier this year, is one of the most-respected names in modern physics. Hawking’s final paper has now been published in the pre-print journal arXiv by colleagues who worked on the research with him. The team finished the research study just a few days before the famous scientist passed away.

Hawking’s final paper was the third in a series of papers looking at black holes, a concept he spent decades studying, particularly the black hole information paradox. As explained by Live Science, black holes are very dense, to the point that they are capable of warping space and time. They are formed when two stars collide or when massive stars collapse onto themselves.

Scientists believe nothing can really escape a black hole, and in the 1970s, Hawking suggested that black holes could have temperatures of their own and could even leak quantum particles. This is known as the “Hawking radiation” effect, which says black holes evaporate over time, leaving a vacuum that looks the same for each black hole, no matter what it sucked in during its lifetime.

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