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Destined For War With China Graham Allison And The Kyle Bass Discuss Today’s Thucydides’ Trap

Kyle Bass sits down with Graham Allison, professor of government at the Harvard Kennedy School, for a master class in geopolitics, economics, and history. These titans tackle the issue of China’s evolving role on the world stage through the juxtaposition of cultures, governments, and technology. Filmed on September 17, 2018 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Graham Allison
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Destined For War (With Graham Allison) – The Kyle Bass Interview – Real Vision

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So when I read your book and I think everybody that reads it reads the title reads the full text cover to cover and we come away thinking there is some percentage probability that Graham Allison thinks could take us to war and there's some percentage probability that that he takes it say we may not we may get into these areas of peace. If you were to give me the probability of war after all the work you've done and after all the thought you've put to it.

What is that probability. He put it into a number for me. It's very hard to decipher so.

And I'm schizophrenic about it so I don't really have a single number so let me just describe it better than half. I would say. I But schizophrenia is I'm congenitally an optimist so I don't believe ultimately that things will turn out badly because I believe we will end up. Finding Our Way To a degree of imagination. On the other hand if I were simply analyzing the case on the basis of the record I would be pessimistic and say it was as likely as not maybe slightly more likely than not. But not necessary and not inevitable. So the question is what do we do.

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