Google Play Store Error Code 505: Possible Reasons And Fixes

Google Play Store Error Code 505: Possible Reasons And Fixes
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The Google Play Store is the most important app for any Android user, but even it can malfunction at times. One common issue that many Android users may have come across is the Google Play Store error code 505. In this article, we will talk about possible reasons and solutions to address this irritating issue.

Possible reasons for the Google Play Store error code 505

You might have seen the Google Play Store error code 505 while installing an app or an app update. Although many users lately have complained about getting this error while installing an update to the Search app, it can appear while installing any app. Based on reports from users, the issue occurs with certain apps like Weather, ITV and others. Google’s product forums are flooded with complaints from users dealing with error code 505.

“Im [sic] trying to install the latest update for Google search but keep getting error 505, ive [sic] got a sony xperia xz2 [sic] with latest android [sic] 9 update, ive [sic] tried clearing cache and date from google play [sic] store and ive [sic] uninstalled the google [sic] search updates but still getting error 505,” one user complained.

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It also must be noted that Google Play Store error code 505 is not device-specific. Users of different phones have reported the same issue. It’s not a new one and has been troubling users for the past couple of years at least.

Many say the Google Play Store error code 505 is a type of permission error. Users may encounter such an error if they have two similar apps looking for a similar kind of permission, like two banking apps.

Based on  user reports, one may encounter the error code if the Play Store is not updated or refreshed; when installing an outdated version of the app; when using an older Android version; in issues with cache memory; if the app is not compatible with the Android version in use; with a sync error in a Google account; or if there’s a data crash.

Solutions to fix error 505

As usual, users have recommended several fixes which have helped them get rid of the Google Play Store error code 505 issue. One of the most-recommended fixes is to remove the app from the device and then reinstall it. This fix has worked for many users facing an issue with the search app. In fact, one Google employee recommended the same fix for error code 505 last year.

Another fix many say worked for them is the “Force Stop.” You can do this by just swiping away the Play Store from the multi-tasking app switcher or going to Settings > Apps > All, and then accessing the Play Store and selecting “Force stop.”

One other fix many claim addressed the issue for them is toggling Airplane Mode on and off. Users say toggling Airplane Mode gets the Play Store back on track. Such a fix may seem odd, but it has worked for many, so it’s worth trying.

Many say the issue could be with the Wi-Fi as well. Such users suggest toggling Wi-Fi on and off solved the issue for them. Further, you can try restarting your router. This next fix is the most common, and it works in most of the cases and with almost all electronic devices. A simple reboot can fix even the gravest of problems, and it takes just a minute or two of your time.

If the reboot doesn’t work, the issue could be with the cache memory. Although cache memory is a useful tool as it helps reduce data usage and speed up loading times, it can also misbehave if too much data piles up. Thus, it is always suggested that you clear the device’s cache from time to time. To clear the Play Store cache memory, go to Settings and select the “Apps” option. Next, find the Play Store, and there you will find several options, including a “Clear cache” button.

If clearing the cache does not work, then you could try deleting the Play Store data. To delete the data, go to Settings > Apps > Play Store, which are the same options for clearing the cache, but instead of selecting “Clear Cache,” select “Clear Data.” It must be noted that after doing this, you will have to sign back into the Play Store.

Sometimes disabled apps can also be an issue. Some apps need other apps to work properly, especially system apps, so if you have disabled any related apps, then you may get the error code. To check for disabled apps, go to Settings > Apps > All, and then scroll down to check the app status.

Another silly but possible issue could be if your date/time settings are not synced with Google’s servers. Change this setting to automatic to sync the date/time, and if that doesn’t help, set the date and time manually.

Hopefully, one of the above-mentioned fixes will help you address the Google Play Store error code 505. If not, then the only option you have is to contact the support team.

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