Galaxy S10 Colors Tipped To Include Yellow And Green

Galaxy S10 Colors Tipped To Include Yellow And Green
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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be a very special device, based on the rumors suggesting remarkable specs and features. If the latest rumor about the Galaxy S10 colors is to be believed, the handset could be special in terms of color options as well.

Galaxy S10 colors said to be a mix of new and old

Trusted tipster @OnLeaks claims the handset will arrive in several new color options. According to him, the Galaxy S10 colors will be black, grey, blue, red, green and yellow. Samsung has released all these colors  except yellow in the past. Green also seems interesting as the company offered an emerald green option for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

In a tweet last month, @OnLeaks claimed “no less [sic] than 9 color options are planned…” for the S10. Now he has listed only six colors as “final.” It could be that six of the nine previously planned colors have been approved for final release.

As always, there is no information on if all the colors will be available in every market. There is also no guarantee that the Galaxy S10 colors given by the tipster are final. Samsung’s current flagships, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, are available on six colors, but with region and carrier exclusivity.

Samsung’s choices for the Galaxy S10 colors would be a good match for the colors Apple revealed for the iPhone XR (white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and red). However, the list won’t be confirmed until Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S10, possibly in February at the Mobile World Congress.

@OnLeaks also revealed the potential color options for the Galaxy A8s. According to the tipster, the handset will come in “only” three color options: silver, green and blue.

First to get many new features

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to include in-display fingerprint sensors, a technology Samsung has yet to adopt, although it is common in many high-end Chinese phones. The smartphone is expected to have a triple-lens rear camera, while the selfie camera could be placed under the screen. Although it is not clear how Samsung will put the camera under the screen, there are reports that the Korean firm is working on displays with small holes to house the camera. Such an arrangement for the selfie camera could help Samsung avoid including a notch.

Bloomberg claims the company is testing an S10 prototype without a headphone jack, but it’s no guarantee that the final release will ditch the headphone jack.  Apple, Google and other phone makers have already gotten rid of it. Samsung is still holding on to it, but this may change with the S10. Although Bloomberg gave no reason why Samsung would want to get rid of the headphone jack, it could help the company free up some space for a bigger battery or a new feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 could also be the first handset to support 5G. The Korean firm is reportedly in talks with Verizon Wireless. However, it is difficult to say what stage Verizon’s 5G network will be at by the time the S10 is announced.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 could also be the first handset to come with Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.0, which was announced earlier this year. UFS 3.0 doubles the memory bandwidth of UFS 2.1, the current standard. Although the company didn’t specify that the S10 will get UFS 3.0, it did say that it plans to launch products based on this standard in the first half of next year, and the Galaxy S10 is a very likely candidate for the tech to debut on.

Three variants may be available

Samsung is expected to launch three variants of the Galaxy S10. The two most expensive variants are expected to feature curved displays measuring 6.1 inches and 6.4 inches, while the affordable model will likely get a flat 5.8-inch display. All three variants are expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s yet-to-be-announced Snapdragon 855 processor, at least in the U.S.

Samsung has offered so-called “lite” variants of the S phones in the past as well. However, such models usually arrive months after the premium device. Samsung has talked about its strategy of bringing more high-end features to its mid-range devices, so launching a “lite” variant of the S10 could be part of this strategy. Moreover, it would help extend the Galaxy S brand’s popularity.

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