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How To Empower Your Organization [INFOGRAPHIC]

Leaders who work to empower staff members can successfully nurture creativity, sense of ownership and a work ethic that goes beyond simply performing routine tasks. Research has shown that empowered employees are high-performers, satisfied with their work and considerably more committed to their organizations compared to their non-empowered peers.

Empowerment builds trust and rapport. While employee empowerment is only part of what it takes to excel in modern commerce, it goes a long way toward encouraging staff members to help enterprises achieve their desired organizational goals.

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Leaders who are empowering are fortunate to experience an increased level of creativity and helpfulness among workers. These company heads are more likely to delegate authority and promote feedback from workers while encouraging them to make autonomous decisions.

Studies show that empowering leaders improve employee performance. However, empowering leaders aren't much different from non-empowering ones. Leaders who promote improved performance in the workplace first develop rapport and trust with workers.

Also, researchers have found that the effectiveness of empowering behavior is highly contingent on how employees view the behavior of managers. Resultantly, leaders must be aware of employees’ expectations, as studies have also shown that staff members have distinct sentiments about how much leaders should promote empowerment in the workplace.

Employees are, however, more likely to trust empowering leaders, according to research. Staff members have greater belief in empowering leaders and put forth more effort without feeling exploited.

Nurturing an empowered workplace does not come intuitively. It involves asking employees to take on more responsibility. Some workers may view this as an attempt to shrug off responsibility. To lead organizations effectively, executives must instill employees with a sense of security that enables them to take risks without feeling vulnerable.

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