Cop Stops Tesla Model 3 Driver For Putting A ‘Computer’ On Dash

Cop Stops Tesla Model 3 Driver For Putting A ‘Computer’ On Dash
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The Tesla Model 3 has always attracted attention, be it for its price, features or even production issues. One particular feature that has often been a talking point is the huge touchscreen that controls its button-less interior. It appears this feature is still attracting attention, but this time from a police officer who mistook it for a computer.

Tesla Model 3 driver pulled over for using “computer”

On Saturday, a Tesla Model 3 driver was stopped by a police officer who mistook the touchscreen display for a computer. The police officer even asked the driver to take it off the dash. The whole incident was recorded by the car’s inside-facing dashcam.

As can be seen in the video (spotted by InsideEVs), a passing motorcycle officer mistook the Model 3’s central touchscreen as a customized setup. The officer then tells Jon Hall (the owner of that Model 3) that he’s “not allowed to have [a] computer mounted on there.”

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Hall initially thought the officer was making a joke, and thus, he replied, “Could you help me take it off?”

The Tesla Model 3 driver soon realized the officer was serious. The officer said although it’s “kinda cool” to have such a navigation system, it is illegal to drive with such a big computer on the dash. Hall then tries to explain that the screen is standard for the car. The surprised Tesla Model 3 driver also detailed the functionalities in the touchscreen.

After realizing his mistake, the officer apologizes for the inconvenience.

Screens getting big in cars as well

For someone who is not familiar with the Model 3, mistaking the giant touchscreen for a computer is an honest mistake. Considering it is the only prominent feature on the dashboard, it draws even more attention. Moreover, the police cruiser itself has a screen mounted to the dash.

Even though the whole incident was embarrassing for the officer and surprising for the owner, it does highlight the latest trend among automakers. Like with smartphones, screens in cars are also getting bigger. As the technology progresses, screens will get a lot crazier. For instance, the upcoming Byton crossover is expected to have a screen that stretches from one door to the other. Thus, we can expect similar incidents to happen in the future as well.

Another fun incident involving a Tesla car

It is not the first time a Tesla vehicle has been involved in a fun incident like this. Rear-facing seats were very common many decades ago, but Tesla re-introduced them as an optional feature in the Model S. This new feature prompted a run-in with police, leading to false kidnapping reports.

After a 911 call stating that someone was trying to put a child in the trunk of a car, police responded and approached the car. However, the officers soon found out that it was not a case of kidnapping. Rather, it was a “weird back seat and when they put the (child) in the back seat it looked like they were putting them in the trunk.”

Is production “hell” over for Tesla?

In other Tesla news, the company delivered 83,500 vehicles during the third quarter. The number is well above analysts’ expectations and about 80% more than the total number of vehicles delivered last year. Tesla delivered 55,840 Model 3 sedans, 14,470 Model S sedans, and 13,190 Model X SUVs. The company also delivered twice as many Model 3 units in the third quarter than in all the previous quarters combined.

Tesla produced 80,142 cars during the third quarter, or about 50% more than its previous best in the second quarter of 2018. In all, the company produced 53,239 Model 3, cars and 26,903 Model S sedans and X SUVs.

“During Q3, we transitioned Model 3 production from entirely rear wheel drive at the beginning of the quarter to almost entirely dual motor during the last few weeks of the quarter,” Tesla said in a press release. “This added significant complexity, but we successfully executed this transition and ultimately produced more dual motor than rear wheel drive cars in Q3.”

Further, the company claimed it produced more than 5,300 Model 3 vehicles in the last week of the third quarter. This means the company “achieved a production rate of more than 10,000 drive units per week.”

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