Apple, Why Is iOS 12 Removing True Tone Option On iPhones And iPads?

Apple, Why Is iOS 12 Removing True Tone Option On iPhones And iPads?
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The iOS 12 update was supposed to focus on performance and stability. Apple did a terrific job with iOS 12 in boosting the performance of older iPhones and iPads. The stability part? Well, it could have been better. The iOS 12 was full of all kinds of bugs. The affected iPhone and iPad users have taken to Apple’s Support forum, iFixit forum, and other platforms to complain that the True Tone option disappeared after they updated to iOS 12.

True Tone option vanished for many after updating to iOS 12

The True Tone option appears under Settings > Display and Brightness. For some reason, it doesn’t show up for many users after they updated to the latest software version. The True Tone technology is found in iPhones, iPads, as well as the 2018 MacBook Pros. When enabled, it automatically adjusts the screen’s color and intensity to match the ambient light and reduce strain on the eyes.

First discovered by Piunikaweb, an iPhone 8 owner named scottmbolt said in a forum post that the True Tone option “completely disappeared from the phone display settings” after he updated to iOS 12. The feature was also not available in the Control Center or Accessibility settings. Another user said, “Same happened to my 8plus” after updating the software. An iPhone X owner also experienced the same problem after updating to iOS 12.

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iOS 12 True Tone Option
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The feature was working as expected prior to updating to iOS 12. Complaints from many other users suggest that the problem has nothing to do with whether the devices had the original display, an after-market display, or the display has never been replaced at all. So, it appears to be an iOS 12 issue rather than a hardware one. One of the affected users said the True Tone option was there in Settings on their phone, but vanished after a reboot.

Apple needs to fix just too many bugs in iOS 12

Apple first introduced the True Tone technology in 2016 with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The technology has since been added to the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, XS, XS Max, the 2017 iPad Pros, and 2018 MacBook Pro. It matches the color intensity and temperature of the display with the surrounding light. It allows the visuals on the screen to appear more natural and reduce eye strain.

Many iPhone and iPad users have become so used to it that not having the True Tone option makes the screen look weird and uncomfortable. They can feel it when it’s missing or turned off. Apple hasn’t yet commented on the issue. We expect the tech giant to fix it in the near future via a software update.

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 12.0.1 update to fix some of the bugs including the one that affected iPhone XS charging. But it was a minor update that failed to address many issues like the freezing problem with the Phone app. Users who updated to iOS 12.0.1 also encountered new problems such as poor cellular networks, broken calls, and battery drain. Many others found that the iOS 12.0.1 made it difficult for them to initiate FaceTime calls and send pictures.

The iOS 12.0.1  was also messing with in-vehicle Bluetooth connectivity, according to some users. It is so buggy that many users have advised against installing the 12.0.1. The only big reason to install it is if you want to fix the charging issue on your iPhone XS or XS Max.

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