AI-Powered Piano Genie Lets Users Practice Piano

AI-Powered Piano Genie Lets Users Practice Piano
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Machine-learning algorithms are becoming more frequent, and they allow us to do brilliant things, some of which we wouldn’t be good at without them. The latest example of a successfully-written machine-learning algorithm comes from Google’s research team Magenta, which created the AI-powered Piano Genie, a program which allows users to practice playing the piano by simply tapping at eight buttons.

The team which made the AI-powered Piano Genie was initially inspired by Guitar Hero, a game that uses a fun approach to teach gamers how to play an instrument. To make unique music for users to play, scientists created an AI program, and they taught it to play by providing it databases of classical piano music. They then taught it to predict which notes will be played next in a way that’s similar to how smartphones predict which letters will come next when a text message is being typed. The web version of the app is available here.

“I really wanted to design a tool that we could give to someone who doesn’t kn