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Stan F. Druckenmiller: Interview

Investment visionary Kiril Sokoloff, chairman & founder of 13D Global Strategy & Research, sits down with a revered titan of the investment world: Stan F. Druckenmiller, whose unrivalled track record spans many decades, making him one of the world’s most successful money managers. This interview provides an unrivalled opportunity to learn the previously unheard secrets of an investment legend.

Stan F. Druckenmiller

Stan F. Druckenmiller: An Exclusive Interview

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Stan F. Druckenmiller: The example I gave you of the Treasury bet in 2000 is a total violation. That shows you how much conviction I have. So this dominates my thinking. But if a once in a lifetime opportunity comes along. You can't sit there and go Oh well I have not earned the right now. I will also say that was after a four month break. My mind was fresh my mind was clean and I will go to my grave believing if I hadn't taken that sabbatical I would have never seen that in September and I would have never made that bet.