A Million Dollar Class With Whitney Tilson

Today is a very special episode with Whitney Tilson, founder of KASE Learning and KASE Capital. Whitney has over 2 decades of investing experience and is a known value investor. Whitney is back again and we will be discussing his classes at KASE Capital Management and what he has learned so far as a teacher and an investor.

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ValueTalks KASE Learning Whitney Tilson

1:13 - Tell me how KASE Learning is progressing and what do you enjoy most about it?

9:16 - Can you share what you have learned from your students?

13:25 - Has any of your investing principles changed or have been reinforced?

18:20 - Are there any new tools you learned from your students?

20:09 - Are there any lessons you learned from your speakers?

25:53 - What do you see is the current landscape for potential hedge fund managers?

30:29 - Would you ever go back to launch your own fund?

35:59 - How do you keep in contact and maintain relationships with those in the industry and those who take your class?

37:14 - You get to see the new crop of hedge fund managers potentially starting their own fund, how does that feel and what are you excited about seeing your students launching their own fund?

38:12 - Any new favorite audio books?

41:54 - Do you have any fitness lessons you can share

48:49 - Closing thoughts?

Enjoy and thanks for the listen!