Google’s Travel-Planning Tools Will Help You Plan Your Holidays

Google’s Travel-Planning Tools Will Help You Plan Your Holidays
Image source: Google Play

Planning the perfect trip is often challenging, especially during the holiday season. Google announced new travel-planning tools which offer a large selection of hotels, flights and travel activities. The new travel features will expand the already-available selection.

Google targets holiday travel on its new landing page. Many people travel to spend Thanksgiving and the other winter holidays with family, so the new travel-planning tools will ensure you travel with ease. Right now, the tools are still a bit limited when it comes to destinations, but if you plan to travel one of the 25 offered routes, then you can rest assured that Google has you covered.

“For many people, holidays provide the perfect time to travel. Whether your journeys take you to spend time with family or on a relaxing vacation, planning ahead can make the whole process less stressful — and less costly. Google is here to help with that,” the company said in its blog post.

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Users can find the best hotel deals and compare them to last year’s prices. In fact, the new feature is an extended lead-generation tool that should lead users to Google Maps’ hotel search bar. Many people are not aware of this Google feature.

Once a user has decided where they want to go, Google’s hotel location score will help them find the best neighborhood to stay in. The score will also add information about nearby bars, landmarks and public transportation using data from Google Maps. The travel-planning tools will also assist users in getting to and from the airport in the supported locations, which is extremely helpful for those who are visiting a place for the first time.

In October, Google is also going to launch another amusing feature called Your Trips, which will organize and sort users’ travel plans. Once it’s updated, the feature will collect all the flight prices, research on different hotels, and pretty much every kind of travel-related search users have saved for their next trip all in one place.

For example, when performing a standard search for any popular travel destination in Google’s search engine, the results will automatically highlight the most important features for trip-planning. The results will also include day plans and popular articles about the destination.

If you start booking a trip, Google will also include details about your bookings and additional related information.

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