Fortnite 5.4 Update Live Now: Here’s What You Need To Know

Fortnite 5.40 update
Image Source: Epic Games (screenshot)

The Fornite team seems to be working very hard to live up to the expectations of millions of players around the globe. The team is constantly coming up with new updates for the battle royale game, adding new content, adding or removing weapons, and more. Now we have the Fortnite 5.4 update, and the patch notes for it are out.

New character and weapon added

“The v5.40 Content Update is available now! Find out what’s new in this weeks [sic] Patch Notes,” Fortnite team tweeted to inform players of the new update.

The latest update is available to the players on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, PCs and Macs.

“BEWARE THE SHADOWS, Sneak up on your enemies in Battle Royale and a new Mythic Outlander joins Save the World,” Epic Games said when introducing the Fortnite 5.4 update.

The Fortnite 5.4 update introduces a new character, a new weapon and bug fixes as well.

Image Source: Epic Games (screenshot)

Field Agent Rio is the new character that was added to the Save the World campaign.

“Phase into battle with the new Mythic Outlander,” the patch notes state.

Image Source: Epic Games (screenshot)

The Suppressed Assault Rifle is the new weapon that was added. The weapon is said to reward precision over rapid fire, and it can be found in Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Vending Machines and floor loot. It is also available in Epic and Legendary variants. The Epic variant can provide 32 damage per shot, while the Legendary variant deals 33 damage per shot.

The Fortnite 5.4 update also removes one weapon: the Drum Gun. Fortnite players have long debated how the Drum Gun can be effective in a variety of scenarios and how it is superior to other assault rifles. Though the gun’s effectiveness was reduced, it was still far better than others. This is probably why the Fortnite 5.4 update removed it. However, some players are still seeing the Drum Gun in the game, probably because it will take some time before the update is rolled out fully.

Bug fixes in the Fortnite 5.4 update

As far as bug fixes go, after applying the Fortnite 5.4 update, players in the Getaway limited-time mode (LTM) will need to build up to land on the van. The victory music at the end of a match in the Getaway LTM is also reduced. Additionally, after winning a match, players will no longer get stuck under the Getaway van. Player models and items will also not fall to the ground after winning a Getaway challenge.

The Fortnite 5.4 update also ensures that the Enforcer Outfit does not look hazy to other players from afar while playing in Gateway mode. Another bug fix will keep the jewel from appearing in the “inventory hotbar after being put in the Down-But-Not-Out state.”

Fortnite’s latest update also adds Sub-Region Matchmaking for Southeast Asia. Additionally, video capture has been disabled on the Nintendo Switch to fix performance and stability issues.

Other recent additions

Another big addition to Fortnite is the High Stakes event, which allows players to compete in a heist scenario.

“…The High Stakes event has begun! Play the new Getaway LTM, complete challenges to unlock free cosmetic rewards and bling out your squad with new store offerings,” Epic said.

A new traversal tool called the Grappler has also been introduced with this new LTM. This new tool allows players to launch themselves anywhere in the map, which is a useful trick when entering a battle and escaping quickly.

The Fortnite update also adds new challenges to the Save the World mode.

“With increased health and the ability to bat players away with strong knockbacks, these Husks are no joke. Gather your team and take them on now,” Epic Games says.

Though Epic Games has been releasing new updates regularly, it will now need to work even harder. Activision’s COD Blackout is set to take on Fortnite and PUBG. The private beta of the game was recently rolled out to users who pre-ordered it on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and to those with a account on a Windows PC. The game allows you to join 80-player skirmishes alone, as a duo or in a team of four. Initial reactions to the game are positive enough to give Fortnite and PUBG a reason to worry.