Don’t Wait: Download The iPhone XR Wallpapers Now

This week Apple finally unveiled the three new iPhones we’ve been hearing rumors about for months. Wednesday even included an array of other new products and new wallpapers to go along with each of the three new iPhone models. There are 12 new iPhone XR wallpapers, and you don’t have to wait for the handset to come out next month to get the new wallpapers.

iPhone XR wallpapers share a common theme

The title for Apple’s new collection of iPhone wallpapers is Bubbles. If you’ve seen the iPhone XS wallpapers, which you can download here, you’ll see quickly that the iPhone XR wallpapers fit right in with the same bubble theme.

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Each of the 12 iPhone XR wallpapers features bubbles in different colors, just like the wallpapers for Apple’s other new iPhones. However, the wallpapers which are specifically for the XR have clearly been designed with the available color scheme in mind. The iPhone XR will be available in six colors, which are black, white, blue, red, yellow, and coral, and the new wallpapers go along with those colors quite nicely.

Aside from the coordination with the iPhone XR color scheme, there is also one other key difference between the wallpapers for this model and those of the iPhone XS and XS Max. The iPhone XR wallpapers aren’t Live Photos, which basically just means they aren’t animated like the iPhone XS and XS Max wallpapers are.

If you want to download the iPhone XR wallpapers, you can check them out here:

iPhone XR won’t ship until next month

By reserving the animated wallpapers just for the two more expensive models, Apple may be trying to differentiate them even further from their less expensive counterpart, the iPhone XR. The XR also won’t be released until next month, while the iPhone XS and XS Max are due to land on store shelves next Friday.

It seems logical that Apple would want to make consumers wait longer for the less expensive model, perhaps out of hopes that excited shoppers would just shell out more money for the more expensive models rather than wait for the cheaper XR. However, we’ve been hearing from various sources that the delay in the XR’s release is not part of a plot to convince shoppers to buy one of the more expensive iPhone models first. An analyst reportedly told The Verge that the issue is actually one of supply for the LCDs used in the iPhone XR.