Text Shows DeVos To Slash Protection For College Women

Text Shows DeVos To Slash Protection For College Women
ptksgc / Pixabay

Important news for college women – Secret Religious Exemptions, Narrow Definition, Embarrassment 

WASHINGTON, D.C.  (September 17, 2018) – The text of new still-secret regulations about to be issued by Betsy DeVos‘ Department of Education show that they would slash protection for college women, including providing new secrecy for religious exemptions, a substantially narrowed definition of sexual harassment, embarrassing requirements regarding testifying, new procedural limitations making it harder to find suspects guilty, and other changes, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

Banzhaf, who is a champion of women’s rights whose suggestion for dealing with campus rapes has been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education, U.S. News, Washington Examiner, National Public Radio, CNN, New York Times, Inside Higher Ed, and in other respected media outlets, as well as singled out for praise by Devos, says that the changes aren’t necessarily bad, and that there is a much more important step which can be taken to protect college women from rape.

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