The Age Of Consent

Brett KavanaughBy White House photo by Eric Draper [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By the early 1980s, when Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey attended high school, the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s had reached every corner the country – even the upscale Washington, DC area Catholic prep schools that both attended.

Perhaps, as an accommodation to their Catholic faith, many of these teenagers might have felt less guilty about having sex if they were deeply under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

You might not feel guilty the next morning if you could convince yourself that you didn’t remember anything. Indeed, Kavanaugh, who apparently witnessed – if not participated in – the gang-rapes of numerous teenage girls – actually claims to have maintained his own sexual virginity swell past his college years.

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So it is possible – and perhaps even plausible – that he believes he must be innocent if he cannot even remember sexually assaulting the fifteen-year-old Christine Blasey.

In the age of free love, was it possible for a popular, hard-drinking, party animal like Kavanaugh to somehow abstain from sexual intercourse, while all the other guys were having their way with helpless young girls?

At the very least, doesn’t he owe us all an explanation as to why he repeatedly found himself in these compromising situations and always abstained? Isn’t that like regularly dining at all-you-can-eat restaurants, and not touching the food?

Were a case like his own to be heard by the Supreme Court, would Justice Kavanaugh believe he could consider it objectively, or would he recuse himself? Either way, the U.S. Senate should find him unqualified to serve on the Court.

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