Tech Rivalry Fuels China-US Trade Tensions

Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen will lead a Chinese delegation on a visit to the United States in late August to talk with US counterparts about bilateral economic and trade issues, the Ministry of Commerce said Thursday. The upcoming meeting is a breather during a sensitive time in relations between China and the US. The months-long friction has led many to think deeper, such as worries over technology may be fueling trade tensions.

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Tech Rivalry Fueling China-US Trade Tensions?


On today's inside was Pam Wei.

Tech rivalry. All great package. The U.S. was Chinese. Tech giants and investment. Through the ringer. We must always be on the cutting edge. And what drives the first volume pagination off office site by writer in tonight's Women On Top. The first female Chinese Kyouko award winner Jean Baum explains.

Hello and welcome to the world as I was meeting where the program is coming to you live from Beijing on siegingP.M. China's vice minister of commerce Wang Sherwell will lead the Chinese delegation on the visit to the United States in late August to talk with U.S. counterparts about bilateral economic and freight issues. The Ministry of Commerce said that on Thursday the upcoming meeting is the Breezer at a sensitive time in relations between China and theU.S. The Muslim friction that has led many to think deeper such as worries over technology may be filling trade tensions. Before we get down to our discussion about that let's take a look at this trade tension or rivalry over technology.

On Monday U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2019 which incorporated the foreign investment risk review modernization act mainly targeting Chinese companies though it wasn't an outright clamped down on the sales of Huawei and ZTE products. It bars their purchase or use by the federal government. And its contractors.

For U.S. national security.

We're also making an unprecedented commitment to developing our artificial intelligence capabilities in order to maintain America's military supremacy. We must always be on the cutting edge. The recent U.S. tariff policy is largely aimed at China's high end tech focused goods such as airplane parts. Flat screen TVs. Electric vehicles and industrial blades. Investigations over Chinese that companies that export restrictions. And the earlier White House report.

How China's economic aggression threatens the technologies and intellectual property of the United States and the world. Demonstrate that the U.S. regards China as an emerging competitor in the science sector. China's tech sector has had leaps in technology in recent years including advances in 5G network. Artificial Intelligence. That Punam cars and virtual reality. Hoping to boost the country's global psychic influence. China's search engine giant Baidu the biggest Chinese online retailer G.D. dot com and the famous Alibaba group all have been listed in theU.S. and even in the midst of a trade dispute. A young mobile platform Gopin Dodo also jumped upon its U.S. listing last month. But there is still a wide technological gap when China and the U.S. and many Chinese entrepreneurs are seeking opportunities globally.

More on how the trade war apparently going on between China and the United States affects tech entrepreneurs. We are joined in our Beijing studio Andy Mugga founder president of repp pagoda resources providing consulting services to many of the tech entrepreneurs hearing in China. Welcome and also in Beijing Professor John Golm from University of International Business and economics in Las Vegas the U.S. we are having James son a chief strategist of Zailckas strategic marketing. Welcome as well.

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