iOS 12 Beta 9 vs iOS 11.4.1: Which One Is Speedier? [TEST]

iOS 12 Beta 9 vs iOS 11.4.1: Which One Is Speedier? [TEST]
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iOS 12 Beta 9, iOS 11.4.1, speed test
Image Source: (screenshot)

With the iOS 12, Apple’s primary focus is to bring speed and performance improvements to the Apple devices. However, the iOS 12 is still about a month away, but we don’t have to wait until the final release to know if there are any speed and performance improvements. Apple iOS 12 Beta 9 is now out, so performing a speed test and comparing the results with the iOS 11.4.1 will give a good idea on the improvements.

Speed test with iOS 11.4.1

Even though Apple just released the iOS 12 beta 9, we already have speed test videos (courtesy iAppleBytes), comparing the performance of the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 on both the OS versions.

For the iPhone 5S, the video shows that the handset running the iOS 12 beta 9 boots quicker than the one running iOS 11.4.1. Also, the test shows some speed improvement in the apps. The same results are seen for the iPhone 6 and 6s.

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Coming to the iPhone 7 speed test, the device running the current iOS 11.4.1 is comparatively faster than the one running the iOS 12 beta 9, but only by a split second. Talking of the apps, both the devices gave the same results.

Overall, it appears that Apple’s plan of making speed and performance improvements for the older devices with the iOS 12 is working. The same results were witnessed in the speed test between the iOS 12 beta 6 and iOS 11.4.1. The test showed noticeable improvement in performance and smoothness to give new life to older iPhones and iPads.

The same results were seen with the eighth beta as well. The last beta continued to offer buttery smooth performance on the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, and even older iPhones when compared to their performance on the iOS 11.4.1.

iOS 12 Beta 9 – what’s new?

The iOS 12 Beta 9 has no new major or even minor changes. Though some underlying changes might force users to reset their Screen Time usage data, apart from this, the beta 9 and beta 8 are almost the same. In terms of performance also both the betas are quite similar, reveal the Geekbench scores.

The notes accompanying the beta 9 say that the issue relating to incorrect languages being displayed is now fixed. However, one issue that some may face after installing the iOS 12 beta 9 on live devices is Apple Pay becoming unavailable.  To such users, Apple has suggested a workaround that they should try, or restart the device completely.

Also, traffic data might not get properly displayed in the beta 9. To address the issues, affected users are suggested to tap the “i” button to reveal Maps Settings, and then enable the Traffic switch on.

Is this the final beta?

Ahead of the final release next month, Apple appears to have shifted to a weekly release cycle for the beta versions. Apple released the iOS 12 Beta 9 just about a week after the eighth beta. The launch of the iOS 8 was an exception as it was quickly rolled out after the company pulled the beta 7 due to performance issues.

Apple’s latest iOS 12 beta is very similar to the last one in terms of performance, raising the question – is this the final beta? According to AppleInsider, the ninth has no noticeable visual changes, and in terms of performance it is also very similar to the last one. Further, the performance also looked smooth with no issues.

Experts, who have been running the betas on the test devices since the first beta, say they have witnessed a steady performance, lag reduction, faster boot times, and stability with each beta leading up to the beta 8. Also, there are almost no major crashes and bugs with the last few betas.

A few weeks back, many would have advised not to install a beta version on an older iPhone. But now, with just weeks before the final release, the risks with the beta version are almost negligible. So, users you wish to see how the final iOS 12 will look on their device can go ahead and install the iOS 12 Beta 9. There are good chances that this is the last beta before the final version is released.

To sign up for the beta program visit this link in the Safari browser of your iOS device. If you are already a beta program member, then tap the Sign-in button.

iOS 12 Beta 9 vs iOS 11.4.1: Speed Test Videos

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