Trump Slams Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Trump Slams Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on the feud between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and efforts to rebuild confidence in the FBI.

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President Trump Slams Attorney General Jeff Sessions

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A war of words the president is slamming Attorney General Jeff Sessions this morning via Twitter. He says this quote The Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations quote unquote.

Jeff this is great what everyone wants so look into all of the corruption on the other side including deleting e-mails. Me Lies and leaks Mullar conflicts. McKay Strock. Page or Faes of use. Christopher Steele. His phony and corrupt dossier. The Clinton Foundation. Illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign. Russian collusion by Dems and so much more. Open up the papers and documents without redaction. Come on Jeff you can do it. The country is waiting. The president taunting his own attorney general. Joining me right now a formerU.S. attorney general under President GeorgeW. Bush Alberto Gonzales is here this morning. Attorney General it's good to see you this morning. Good morning Maria. Your reaction to this public argument right now going on between Jeff Sessions and the president.

Well it's quite remarkable isn't it. You know I think Jeff Sessions more than probably any other Cabinet official has done a good job in promoting this president's policies and priorities. And I know I think many people would question whether or not he deserves to be fired. But but the issue is that everyone every cabinet official serves at the pleasure of the president and the president certainly appears to have displeasure in the service of this attorney general and what I what I fear is the constant criticism of the attorney general makes the president appear weak to some people because he he criticized and criticized and does nothing about it. It also undermines the authority and the effectiveness of the attorney general and I think adversely affects the morale of the Department of Justice. So I say all this not to not to try to get Jeff Sessions fired but to try to encourage the president to be mindful of what this criticism does. If he truly is unhappy with the service of the attorney general the United States and he should make a change and I realize that there are serious political ramifications for doing so. But I would like Kim to remember that there are ramifications in the constant criticism of this attorney general.

Look he may very well fire him after the midterm elections. A lot of people are expecting him to fire him real soon. But let's get to the crux of what the president is talking about Judge because the truth is is you look at what's gone on on the other side whether it's the FIES abuse the fact that they did use this dossier to get a warrant to wiretap an American citizen. What it looks like to a lot of people is that they did this just because it was a political enemy. They just wanted to spy on Trump because it was during a presidential election. Could this special counsel continue this investigation without looking at all of this stuff.

Well that's really a question for the special counsel and the deputy attorney general. It's conceivable that the special counsel could continue this work although there are a lot of people out there who believe a special counsel should should shut down the investigation and the notion that he would continue it and look into these other things that occurred before President Trump took office. You know I think would make some people uncomfortable. But but but certainly there were some serious mistakes made at the leadership level at the Department of Justice. And I think that's very unfortunate. I think that's done damage to the Department of Justice. But I do think that that failing to look into those things that happened before President Trump took office and using that as an excuse to shut down the Mauler investigation I think is is wrong. I think we need more investigation to be completed simply because we needed it as much as we can about what Russia did since the rush is going to continue to interfere in our elections and so I'd like to hope that the president would allow this investigation to continue to its conclusion.

No I totally understand and I agree with that. Well what I'm really getting at is that all of this all there are you know misconduct that has taken place. We see that the text from Peter Strock and Lisa Page and we and we see all of this bias at the top of the DOJ and the top of the FBI. Before President Trump actually.

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