Paris Shooting: Police Raid Boulevard de Strasbourg Building

Update: Paris shooting incident resolved

According to France’s interior minister, the gunman in the Paris shooting incident has now been arrested, and two hostages were rescued. Further, the minister said the gunman’s demands were “vague and incoherent,” so “the negotiator had difficulty understanding” them. The man reportedly asked to speak to the Iranian Embassy so he could forward a message to French authorities. It’s still unclear if he has any connection to terrorism.

First report:

Police in France raided an apartment building in Paris following reports a gunman has kept several hostages inside for more than 16 hours.

Paris Shooting
stevepb / Pixabay

Armed police officers sealed off the building in Boulevard de Strasbourg. It is not clear how many hostages are being held by the gunman. The incident is unfolding in Paris’10th arrondissement. The first reports of the incident came at 4:30 p.m. local time when eyewitnesses reported gunshots. Security forces have established a perimeter around the boulevard. The passage, which houses Indian shops and restaurants, has been evacuated.

One witness told local media the gunman could be planning to douse the hostages in petrol. According to local media, police referred to it as a “serious incident.” Shots were fired, and one hostage (a pregnant woman) has been rescued.