Name-Calling Can Come Back To Bite You

As almost everyone knows, a book about President Donald Trump is hitting the bookstores this week. Written by Omarosa Manigault Newman, a long-time friend and employee of Mr. Trump, it promises to be a tell-all, no-holds-barred inside account of his behavior, and is even backed up by surreptitious tape-recordings.

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Central to the book is whether it’s true or not that Mr. Trump often uttered the n-word – something which he has long denied doing.

Interestingly, the n-word was employed decades ago by the very popular comedian and civil rights leader, Dick Gregory, in the title of one of his books — Nigger: An Autobiography. Pretending to be addressing his mother in heaven, he wrote, “Dear Momma – Wherever you are, if ever you hear the word “nigger” again, remember they are advertising my book.”

Whether or not Donald Trump regularly used the n-word, he has often described black women – among others – as “dumb”, “low-IQ”, and “dummy.”

Now, clearly provoked by Ms. Manigault Newman, the president of the United States – not to mention, the nominal leader of the free world – needed to come up with still another term, one which would do justice to his feelings about his former friend and employee.

It did not take him long. His one-word description of Ms. Manigault Newman? “Dog.”

It is often said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. If people yelling “nigger” were publicizing Dick Gregory’s book, then could it be that the president was doing the same thing for his old friend?

Well, maybe not. So let’s consider a much more plausible theory. Surely the author and her publisher knew that the president could very easily be provoked. Perhaps they were even inspired by the famous experiment conducted by the great physiologist, Ivan Pavlov.

Each day he rang a bell before feeding his dogs. He soon  noticed that the dogs would begin salivating whenever they heard the bell – even if they were not subsequently fed.

This b rings us to the supreme irony of Mr. Trump’s behavior. Manigault and her publisher provided the stimulus and Trump responded as they knew he would. He barked. And he’s calling her a dog”?