Monster Hunter: World PC Debuted Yesterday And It’s Extremely Popular

Monster Hunter: World For PC

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Monster Hunter: World for PC is finally available on Steam for $60. Although the game only came out yesterday, it’s overcrowded by players who want to try it out. At the moment, more people are playing the game online than any other release this year. The game came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year, while its publisher, Capcom, spent the last seven months preparing the PC version. Based on how many players are enjoying the game right now, it looks like all the work is paying off.

According to Steam’s stats page, there are already 203,490 current players, while the game peaked at 240,901, and that number will undoubtedly continue growing. When it comes to the number of people online concurrently this year, these numbers are twice as many as those of the second-best debut, which was Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The medieval role-playing game hosted 95,000 players simultaneously, according to Venture Beat.

However, the milestone for the number of players online simultaneously is not the only goal Monster Hunter: World has already hit. Based on the number of concurrent players it has, it is the largest launch for a Japanese game ever on Steam. It surpassed Dark Souls 3, which topped off at 129,000 online gamers on launch day. Moreover, Monster Hunter: World for PC holds the record for the greatest debut on Steam for among games published by Capcom.

There is no doubt it has been a huge day for the fantasy hunting simulator, setting it up as a franchise with huge appeal. In the past, the game did well in Japan. However, the worldwide release hasn’t really been well-met in the past. Capcom decided to make some changes to its world release, and so far as we can see now, it has succeeded. More than 8 million copies of Monster Hunter: World for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One had already sold previously, and now that it’s available on PC, it looks like it’s picking up the pace.

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