Flat-Earther Explains Why He Thinks NASA Is Lying

What if everything you’ve learnt is a lie? What if NASA and the illuminati have been pulling the wool over your eyes since birth? What if the moon is fake news? VICE speaks to a Flat-Earther who will finally puts these essential questions to rest.

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This Flat-Earther Thinks NASA Is Lying To You


Based on what they're showing us it seems very fake when we're being presented with things like the moon landing footage and you can't get a look at it with a critical eye to see that it's done on a set.

Hi I'm Nathan Oakley. FLATOW. I run several YouTube channels I interview people about the subject and I've been doing it for about the last couple of years.

In my last Korea always traveling around the world as an international sales rep and as I traveled around the world what I observed on almost every flight was the same thing which has lots of people staring at the back of a headdress and observing the latest movie drinking booze falling asleep whereas I would actually be at the back of the plane looking out the emergency exit window which had the widest viewing angle and observing the flat plain below. That being the case when I came across a maths power line video on YouTube and he uttered the words. FLATOW Not ridicule but in the same context as we're talking about today he immediately was a eureka moment. I mean I literally went in with my wife up and told him that the earth was flat.

Well NASA were developed for the sole purpose of lying to us. The only purpose is to perpetuate the globe lie. Every single story that is told by NASA has the sub context that we live on a globe way that faking things with top of the line absolutely cutting edge studio techniques like we're used in the film Gravity. So they are using trapeze they're on high wires in order to be cast for as long as humanly possible. Well that's a good comparison because the blockbuster movies bolster the Naxa fakery. If you are watching Guardians Of The Galaxy or Star Trek or Star Wars the basis of that is that you are on a spinning globe. So the fact that Hollywood perpetuates this they mean this lie this spinning globe like is the over the top suspension of disbelief. Whereas when NASA do it they play their cards much more close to their chest. They always keep it nice and simple so they're not going to having Star Wars type battles in space they're just going to have a zero g meal. It's much more downplayed.

The Illuminati. I don't know a great deal about the illuminati. It's something that I've come across since finding out the truth. FLATOW are investigating. FLATOW It would seem that there are certainly families or Blurred Lines or secret societies that control certain aspects of our life. However until 1972 we hadn't been up and checked. Safe to say that a secret society knew and was therefore prepared perpetuating a deception. I would say no. No calm prevails. I can only support it with evidence such as hate. Do I need to it. I would say no because the starting point is flat. That's what you observe.

That's what I observe. That's what everyone deals with in the next day lives pet every insult into the sun. And I think the reason we get these insults is because we are pre-programmed from birth to ridicule the idea of flats. We are told that it's a notion of philistines. It's something that we have progressed beyond.

So I tend to not overreact to people who are insulting to me about the subject and try to ask them to either if they're very combative prove what they believe which is the globe or ask them to research fasa.

While I've never been to the ends of the earth so it's a difficult one to give you an answer.

Is the moon fake news. No but does it have Faten surrounding it. Yes absolutely. All of the celestial bodies it's the one that would most indicate. First the right word being sparkle and therefore it's used by people like NASA to prop up the notion.