The Evolution Of The Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Evolution Of The Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone [INFOGRAPHIC]

Having to maintain the reputation Samsung had created right after the launch of the initial S series of high-end smartphones, Samsung upped its game with the original Note. Marked as a powerful device that bridged the gap between a phone and a tablet on its launch, the smartphone hit it off well. Hometop’s infographic aims to show this very journey of the Note series right from the very first one to the upcoming Note 9. The infographic looks at the ups and downs of the Galaxy Note smartphone series, taking a peek at their innovative features and their sales figures.

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Loved and criticized at the same time, the Galaxy Note smartphone was the first phablet in the market and it directly contributed to the popularity of large screened phones. An amalgamation of phones and tablets, the original Note was similar to Samsung S II in design. Released in 2011, it was the beginning of a new era for smartphones. But it was also criticized by some for being too large in size. The main attractive feature was the Note’s stylus pen, branded as S Pen, which was stored in the lower panel of the phone. Although the original Note did not have many S Pen oriented applications, the pen still managed to leave a mark and gave Samsung the ground to develop better features in their upcoming Note smartphones.

Note II, released in 2012, came with even better specs. The S Pen housed a new feature, Air View, which made the use of the pen easier and better. The Air View feature evolved as Samsung continued creating more models.

The third generation of the Note saw many firsts and marked a turning point for Samsung. With the inclusion of Full HD display, IR blaster and a redesigned model of the S Pen with new features. The Note 3 was also the first smartphone with support for USB 3.0. With the massive popularity of the Note series, Samsung even launched a more affordable Note, Note 3 Neo, which had considerable downgrades but was still a good and affordable choice for Note fans.

Samsung’s first Note with a QHD display, the Note 4 was one of the best phones in its time in terms of the display quality. Powered by the Snapdragon 805 processor, it was one of the last smartphones to use a 32-bit processor. Apart from its general finesse in S Pen and display, Note 4 packed a heart rate monitor and made use of a 16 MP shooter with OIS (optical image stabilization).

Owing to its experimental and creative nature, Samsung introduced Note Edge. This smartphone was a Note 4 with a curved display. Marking the newest trend which can be seen in the current models released by Samsung, the curved edge of the phone showed notifications and had other actionable features which set it apart from the other phones on the market. Note Edge was the last in the Galaxy Note smartphone series to come with a removable battery. A trend that is no longer visible on smartphones in the market today.

Note 5, although powerful and extraordinary as other Note smartphones, was criticized by users for not containing a removable battery. the SD card slot and the IR Blaster. Although praised by the critics for incorporating many new features such as the spring-loaded S Pen and upgraded compatibility with the Stylus, it wasn't Samsung best example of the Note series.

After Note 5, came Note 7, the most disastrous Note of all the Notes in the market. Receiving wide-spread media attention for bursting into flames, Samsung’s most loved series underwent severe losses. The batteries included in these phones were not stable and were prone to bursting out when heated. Recalled by the company, Samsung prepared to revive its reputation with the next Note.

The Note 8, the successor for Note 7, packed massive upgrades and managed to stun users and critics alike. This phone retained the design of the Galaxy S8+ and was Samsung’s first phone with dual cameras. Improving the overall functionality of the phone, Samsung Note 8 came with an always-on display to facilitate better note-taking. This brings us to the recently launched Note 9. The main features are the Bluetooth enabled stylus, the super bright display, and a large 4000mAh battery. Check out this infographic that walks you through the Samsung;s evolution.

Evolution Of The Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone

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