Emissions Coverups In Geo-Strategic Sectors And Countries Around The Globe

Some insight from a “humble – privileged global leadership” as to easy to focus on some “China targeting USA farmers or brands to be raising prices due to trade war“. To the numb stakeholders, the numb markets do not perceive do not wish to dig into overshadow darkness it is about to surface while epidemic of complacent decision makers only look at partial screenshots of trade war. And as to a bubble in lack of traceability. A new major rattling and reverse the trump boom includes specific bubble is not being perceived and will burst. The currency is part of the weapons, but the bubble to burst for new emissions coverups is more dangerous.

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Emissions Coverups

A position allows to witness how top decision makers and finance groups as well as corporate world is adding new benchmarks of risk within global complexity & international tensions. And an even bigger bubble to the one you mention is about to burst. New benchmarks of extremely high losses in areas not perceived but most relevant do exist and may surface and can be turned into truly actionable profits.

Emissions Coverups

The better capitalism and the actionable truly to better excellence is a must do. Biggest bubble, the cost to stock holders, to stakeholders is massive in opportunity costs and in yet to come and surface costs. In Germany and in VW cheating emissions coverups they are surfacing in last two years 136 billion in direct costs and to many countries are within the global complexity and the epidemic of complacency within the "emissions coverups" will burst and will be much more costly than anyone is willing to point out... And the status quo of global complexity - trade war will move into bursting this big gigantic bubble.

Emissions Coverups

Trade war is a catalyst to burst the "bubble", toxic water crisis, other equally dangerous "emissions coverups" and on a parallel basis distractions as single plastic straws all are part of status quo. Single use plastics are a distraction serves many to reinforce the major harms and the relevant actionable solutions in traceable zero emissions CO2, zero odors and no subsidies required. To reinforce harms and/or reinforce distractions is a decision to be taken as well as a decision as a in liabilities taking place, can come under the "epidemic of complacency - emissions cover up".

To solve the "epidemic of complacency" is to first understand the must do in traceability of emissions CO2 in all processes including suppliers of Amazon and all e-commerce and giants. Is to understand the traceability and transparent KPIs are actionable now and must do. To understand the elimination of emissions for all producers of emissions CO2 are actionable now and very profitable . To reinforce the distractions as EVs being great or elimination of plastic straws and continue with all other “emissions coverups “ is the status quo. Many continue to devote their efforts and that is part of excellence or not having it . Excellence and solutions are actionable and very profitable in saving tax payers money and elimination of emissions coverups CO2.

Better capitalism is actionable and more profitable than what is currently being delivered by some retailers, by some industrial groups, by some CPG groups. And all the underperformance is part of epidemic of complacency. Actionable much higher profits , more profitable than is being delivered to the stakeholders of any of the corporations superficially provide an economic pseudo economic boom and are truly masking diverse bubbles will burst.

An opportunity to demonstrate worthy of additional excellence and and bring tangible most needed must do actionable solutions with my group. Excellence in minor issues when the most relevant and the major issues of traceability are not taken care is part of the epidemic. Meanwhile, the wishes of numb stakeholders, numb & epidemic complacency in pollsters will in due time find an imposed awakening to "cover ups will surface". The surfacing will lead to required must do excellence is actionable and much more profitable than many pseudo experts continue to reinforce. Very profitable and very tangible and yes. Less taxes to tax payers as it leads to new savings in billions!!

Emissions Coverups

Article by Diego Montesinos