Google Chrome 68 Will Now Use Windows 10 Notifications

Google Chrome 68 Will Now Use Windows 10 Notifications
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Google Chrome has received a major update that started rolling out yesterday. Google Chrome 68 users will now receive Chrome notifications as part of Windows 10 notifications from the Action Center. Chrome initially introduced this feature back in March but it was in testing to make sure everything was work properly before being released publicly.

The feature that has just rolled out was first noticed by a Reddit user in March, noting that Chromium was getting a new flag that would let the user enable Windows notifications. Moreover, the feature was already requested once by a Chrome user back in 2015 as per Thurrott, so hopefully the new update will be greeted warmly.

What does this mean?

This update is a part of Google Chrome 68 and features native Windows 10 notifications. Users who enjoy using Chrome will receive browser notifications straight in the Windows 10 Action Center. Users will also receive notifications from the websites that they have subscribed for. Previously, Google Chrome had hosted its own notifications which can be found in the older versions of the Windows operating system. However, while this approach is something we’ve already been used to, Chrome’s integration with native Windows 10 notifications are much more useful to users.

Custom notifications

Moreover, now that Google Chrome uses native Windows 10 notifications, users can use Windows 10’s custom notifications settings inside the browser. Users can determine how much they want the notifications to display, while also determining the notification priority in the action center.

Windows 10 also uses its Focus Assist (Quiet Hours) feature which disables even the Chrome notifications so that users won’t be distracted while working on something important, for example.

When will you get it?

Unfortunately, it’s still not certain. As noted by Thurrott, the website that grabs information on anything that is going on around Windows, as well as everything else that concerns that operating system, the feature is rolling out slowly. At this time, only 50% of users that run Chrome 68 can access the new feature.

That said, if you don’t have the feature yet, be patient, and hopefully soon enough you’ll be able to use Chrome’s notifications in the Windows 10 Action center and customize them.

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