China Unveils Its “First Twin Land Reclamation Vessels”

For the first time, China has built two identical vessels for land reclamation . Follow CGTN’s Han Peng for exclusive coverage of the giant ships’ completion.

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China Land Reclamation Vessels
moerschy / Pixabay

China's First Twin Land Reclamation Vessels


Hi everyone. China is globally known for its ability of infrastructure construction of building massive bridges as well as land reclamation. And today we are at a place to really tell you how dramatic it is and how big it is. Here are two I done two coal land reclamation Boase made uncreated by the Chinese company China Communications Construction Company. They are completely identical. And it's the very first time that China has built to exactly same boats off duty on land reclamation meaning that this country has now mastered the ability of mass producing the vessels giant vessels like these two. So it is a milestone for the Chinese ship building ship during history and also it's also a milestone for China's infrastructure construction of floating islands as well as making dredging along both rivers and the sea. And here we are walking inside this massive giant ships and today we're going to present you with a paramount paramedic paramedic buil for this entire ship. It's a very rare chance for us to really see this ship from both inside and outside. And because today the two ships are still being still being put in this dry dock meaning that we are able to really have a look down here meaning that we are able to go exactly to the bottom of this ship and see the propellers as well as the machines and all kinds of equipment that we might not be able to see before when the ship is actually in the water. So today's a very rare chance for us to really see this and to really learn more about these two ships. We are joined by the project manager Mr. Fung who is actually leading this product for quite a long time. And today he is here and he's a very important day for him in his career and telling us how he's going to introduce to us the ABC. Some of the basic equipment and facilities on this ship to tell us more about that Mr. Fung very honored to have you with us. Fund does not speak English so we have to interview him in Chinese and I will do the translation.

I'm going to in it. It was a woman's GBN you John. He's got to do with Tulu beyond that the whole human woman shall be overhauling his own interlocutors about Senzo measures about the wager. Now we are actually on the deck of this ship and Mr. Fund has started. They told us that this is a very important position for this boat to really see some of the important equipment going until you get the findings from a to me all the time devoted to that even though we get one each time when China is home to good use of a song. The case was months ago when she got....