Here’s An Apple Watch Jailbreak Tool, But It’s Not For Everyone

Here’s An Apple Watch Jailbreak Tool, But It’s Not For Everyone
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Just a few weeks ago, developer CoolStar released the iOS 11.3.1 Electra jailbreak tool that nearly 300,000 have used to liberate their iPhones and iPads. Now we have an Apple Watch jailbreak from developer Tihmstar. It’s pretty exciting to see an Apple Watch jailbreak out in the wild. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone.  

Apple Watch Jailbreak tool ‘JelbrekTime’ is aimed at developers

Tihmstar released their ‘JelbrekTime’ tool for Apple Watch users via GitHub. It is a ‘public’ jailbreak compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 running watchOS 4.1 software. It’s not for casual users because the jailbreak is aimed at developers. Non-developers should not try to download it on their Apple Watch and turn it into an expensive brick.  

However, Tihmstar’s Apple Watch jailbreak has a lot of potential. Folks at WCCFTech noted that it’s possible to get the ‘JelbrekTime’ tool to work on older Apple Watch devices and older versions of watchOS by modifying the code. On the README page, Tihmstar described it as an “almost complete jailbreak” for developers.  

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In its current form, the Apple Watch jailbreak tool gives developers read/write root access. It also allows them to exploit kernel using v0rtex, and remount root filesystem. Developers can also extract the bootstrap.tar package and it includes h3lix kernel patches. Tihmstar has also described quick and easy installation instructions here 

You can check it out if you want, but you should know that it’s aimed at developers. Tihmstar added that he had no plans to bring future updates to the jailbreak release. If you are a developer, you’d want to dive deep into the watchOS code and explore what it is truly capable of.  

In the future, such jailbreak tools with root access to watchOS could give you the ability to install custom modifications on your smartwatch. But such user-facing modifications are still some time away. Anyway, Apple doesn’t like it when users jailbreak their iDevices. The tech giant has warned users on multiple occasions that jailbroken devices are not covered under its warranty program. Also, jailbreaking removes the security layers built into Apple’s software, exposing you to hacking attacks. It could also cause the device to become unstable and behave in unexpected ways.  

Apple Watch is gaining ground in emerging markets

Apple Watch remains by far the most popular smartwatch on the planet, thanks to the massive success of Apple Watch Series 3 LTE variant. According to research firm Canalys, Apple Watch shipments jumped 30% YoY in the April-June quarter to 3.4 million units. As a result, Apple captured 34% of the global smartwatch market.  

The Series 3 LTE version was the key growth driver during the quarter, despite being more expensive than the non-LTE version. It sold particularly well in China and other Asian markets, where it accounted for more than 60% of sales. Apple has been securing carrier deals in many countries such as India and Taiwan to boost Apple Watch sales outside the United States.   

The iPhone maker is preparing to launch the upgraded Apple Watch Series 4 with an all-new design next month. The new Watch models will have larger displays of 1.57 inches and 1.78 inches. The Series 4 Watch is expected to offer a larger battery and improved heart-rate monitoring. It will run watchOS 5 out of the box. Apple is currently beta testing the watchOS 5, which would bring support for podcasts, the ability to play audio from third-party apps, and a watch-to-watch walkie-talkie feature.  

According to Bloomberg, the next-gen Watch could feature Apple’s innovative MicroLED display. The new display technology would make the Watch “slimmer, brighter, and less power-hungry.” The Series 4 Watch will also support Apple’s upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat.  

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