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Ed Rollins: Need To Get Away From These Intense Battles Over Supreme Court Pick

Former Reagan senior adviser Ed Rollins on President Trump’s potential Supreme Court pick and the potential political impact of trade tensions with China.


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Ed Rollins: Need To Get Away From These Intense Battles Over Supreme Court Pick


Joining us to talk more about that is former senior Reagan adviser and great American PAC chairman Ed Rollins. Ed good to see you. Good morning how are you an important decision your take on the next Supreme Court nominee. Well first of all this highlights the extraordinary number of great conservative judges this president has appointed. And this list of four or take the oldest of 25. Every one of them is an extraordinary person. I would like to see Amy Baird get chosen by Trump as the  Supreme Court pick. And I’ve said on your show yesterday I think a conservative woman Sandra Day O’Connor was the first to publish first any woman judge.

She wasn’t quite as conservative in the end but was a good judge. I think a conservative woman at this point in time is three Liberal Democrats on the other side I think would be very very important for this president. I feel like the detractors of this president are not going to be happy with anybody because they’re outraged that he actually is going to be the most consequential president that we’ve seen in decades given the number of Supreme Court seats he’s going to not we see all the damage that the Obama judges did to us initially mean any federal judge can can stop any kind of action than they have. The important thing about the court is the writings in addition to the to the decisions themselves. Each and every one of these are extraordinary talented people who have been not just judges but they have obviously been mentored by some of the most significant legal minds in the country of recent era. And I think that’s very very important.

The Untold Story of Clarence Thomas everybody talks about him never speaking up. Clarence Thomas is probably the best writer of anybody on the court today. It’s time I think for us to to recognize the great talent that the president is put on the bench. You know I think that it’s really fascinating right now because the left is framing this so much around women’s issues around this being a battle for for women. So I think you’re right about if you put a woman on the court I think that that that new line is that neutralizes that. But in addition this is also going to be really interesting to see if they don’t start framing this as a battle over immigration as well. Well I think the battle over everything. I think the reality is you know the day the days of 97 I know what I mean if you say to Judge Scalia it was going to be passed 97 the Zip today you know would it would be the same kind of battle.

My my my sense today is that we need to kind of get a little away from these intense battles over the court. I mean the consequences are significant but you do so much damage as Judge Korshak said he never understood even though his mother had been in Burford the EPA administrator had been forced out. He didn’t realize the intensity of the battle.

And I think to a certain extent every time we fight these institutions we do damage to our government long term and we should be praising the quality of the people that are up there as opposed to knocking them around for or against religion or any of the rest of it. It is the choice ultimately going to be made based upon which of those four candidates assuming it’s those those four is most confirmable at the end of the day because with a very narrow margin in the Senate and potentially Senator McCain not voting at all on the Supreme Court pick it may require some Democrats to vote. So he does think he’s going to get Democrats.