The Executive Woman’s Guide To Financial Freedom

The Executive Woman’s Guide To Financial Freedom
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The average woman executive leaves up to $1 million on the table over the course of her working life by not knowing how much she is worth, and by not asking for what she deserves. Add in the fact that women are less confident than men when it comes to financial literacy and, as is reflected in the latest Gender Gap Report, that they’re still paid less than men, it’s no wonder women have distinct financial risks not currently being addressed in traditional financial planning.

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Enter Bridget Venus Grimes, CFP, advisor to top-earning female executives, business owners, and attorneys and author of the new book, Corner Office Choices: The Executive Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom. Grimes knows first-hand the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of women executives trying to live their ideal life. She also knows that traditional financial planning underserves and even fails women executives. In her book, she shares her unique approach to financial, career, and life planning for women executives, and addresses the four key derailers specifically for this target audience and the incremental steps they can take to live the life they are working so hard to achieve.

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Offering a holistic approach that speaks to female executives and professional women in general – along with the financial experts who work with them – Grimes notes the following topics:

  • The distinct financial risks women face, women executives even more so, and how to live the life they want by planning around them
  • Why traditional financial planning doesn’t address these risks, and her unique approach to filling this void
  • Change IS possible! Breaking through the overwhelmed and overworked mindset to find a place for financial planning as a top priority for a fulfilled life today and every day to come
  • Why it’s imperative to keep quality of life at the core of financial planning for women – and anyone!
  • How we can eliminate the feelings of anxiety and shame often felt by smart, hardworking women when it comes to finances and money management, and where those feelings often stem from
  • The importance of a community of like-minded women in making a difference in the lives of women executives

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