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Samsung AR Emoji Update To Bring More Customization

Samsung is known to work on a lot of things at the moment, including the long anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 9, that is also believed to be the last Galaxy Note device reportedly. However, Samsung took its time to prepare its Samsung AR emoji update that has already started rolling out. While the feature is innovative and offers much more customization than before, it still looks kind of scary.

Basically, Samsung launched its AR Emoji on this year’s flagship Galaxy S9. The original AR Emoji were initially seen on Apple’s iPhone, but now Samsung users can enjoy them as well. AR Emojis allow users to create digital versions of themselves using augmented reality and their phone’s camera. The new update allows them to tune up their digital avatars so that they will resemble themselves a little more.

In its initial release, Samsung AR emojis weren’t so customizable. After a user would take a picture of themselves, it would automatically generate his or her avatar and then let them adjust only a couple of things like skin tone and hair color. However, the Samsung AR emoji update brings more customization options like facial features so that users can customize their own curvature and cheek thickness, as well as chin and neck and much more.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done until Samsung’s AR emoji gets an overall improved look. The new update should at least allow people to adjust their characters to be more like themselves and have a more personalized avatar.

Apple’s Memoji features are more than interactive, and they are quite fun to try out and customize. They already offer a lot to choose from when it comes to facial shape, nose, lips and eyes allowing people to be in charge of how personalized an AR experience they want to have. Samsung, on the other hand, allows users to use sliders that allow them to adjust special elements of the face. Perhaps Apple is going to do the same to their faces, as no matter how fun and creative features the company offers, Memoji can’t reflect someone’s appearance 100%.

In its announcement, Samsung hasn’t yet said anything about when the Samsung AR Emoji update is going to roll out to everyone. While the company announced that the update is starting to be available, it still takes some time until the feature is fully available in all countries.