Users Experience Nokia 7 Plus Touch Screen Issue

Users Experience Nokia 7 Plus Touch Screen Issue
Image source: Nokia

HMD launched the Nokia 7 Plus in March of this year. The phone sports mid-range specifications, ideal for users who want to have a good phone, but are restricted on budget. However, users have been bothered by a Nokia 7 Plus touch screen issue that has been plaguing their phones for the last couple of months. The issue has been reported several times on Nokia’s forums, as well as some other forums, but the fix is nowhere to be seen.

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According to several reports that appeared on Nokia’s Support forums as well as the XDA developers forum, the screen of the phone becomes absolutely useless and doesn’t respond to any kind of touch. This behavior appears randomly and doesn’t seem to have any special pattern to accompany it, which means it can happen at any time during the use of the phone.

“I just bought the Nokia 7 plus from Hmd Gbl India website on preorder. The device started hanging right from the first device setup. The screen keeps being unresponsive to touches all the time. Locking and unlocking makes screen usable again. Please help me in trouble shooting the issue. I am frustrated,” one of the posts reads.

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“Sometimes phone is working but its touch stops working.i have to lock the phone and then again its touch start working,” another comment reads.

There’s a temporary fix that stops this “touchscreen freeze” by locking the smartphone and then unlocking it again. However, that doesn’t promise that the issue won’t repeat itself. It’s highly impractical to lock and unlock the device just to make it work properly for a time. It’s probably most frustrating when the issue occurs while users are playing a game.

Those who successfully showed the problem to their local service center were offered a replacement (either screen or a complete device.) That said, the company is likely aware of the issue, although there is no official statement.

“They took a video of that issue and sent it to Nokia for replacement. They approved my replacement and gave me a approval letter and requested me to visit the shop where i had purchased the phone. The shopkeeper took my old phone back along with all the accessories and approval letter and within 5 mins they gave me a new unit,” said a comment on XDA developers.

While there is no official word from HMD, a moderator on the Nokia forum said that the company is looking into the Nokia 7 Plus Touch Screen Issue and has asked whether any of the people affected by the issue are running the June update.

Nokia 7 Plus
Image Source: Nokia Support Forum

Nevertheless, many users said that the issue is still there, even after the June update.

Have you been affected by the Nokia 7 Plus Touch Screen issue? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Received 7+ week ago and need to say am disappointed touch screen: difficult to get Cut/Paste – menu, inaccurateselections of texts.
    Also, Google Gboard gives unexpected characters while trying to write rapidly. All this just opposite as my old Nexus 6P was. Very disappointed….

  2. Hello friends, This screen freeze issue has been a headache for me. After you spend like 26000 Indian rupees and the company gives you defective device, above all they haven’t even recalled the devices to rectify them. onus is on us to go to service center and we have to show them and prove them it is defective. It is wrong because many Nokia 7 Plus phones are plagued by this problem. I have waited 3 months. first I thought it maybe a software issue, will be resolved soon and it has not. Even after updating to Android P. For three months I have rest my phone multiple times, thinking about time and energy i have wasted on it, i should have thrown it in garbage instead. Every-time i use my phone i m not sure if it will work smoothly like it should. I have made a video and posted on you tube. Share it as much as you can. It is clear harassment. when company went silent to save its face and hush up the issue, we are at the receiving end because all we did for last few months was to wait for the update. at least tell your customers as soon as possible.

  3. Hi All Nokia users ,

    Nokia 7 have serious touch issues and when u will visit to service center they don’t care at all after submiting the device no one will contact you.

    Please do not buy this model .

  4. I sent my phone to Nokia Service Center and they replaced some parts of the phone.
    It now works flawlessly. It definitely is a hardware problem and the only way to fix it is to contact Nokia Service Center.

  5. Yes! I own a Nokia 7 plus and this issue has been plagueing me for about a month(I bought the phone 2 months ago). For the past two weeks, the touch issue happens every two minutes. It happened twice when typing this comment. I hope Nokia fixes this.

  6. I’m affected by this issue as well. I have the phone for about 10 days and it happens mainly when I use the screen intensely.
    In my opinion all 7 plus devices may potentially have the issue and it should be a hardware problem (or its firmware) of the micro controller that controls the screen.
    That’s why the issue is present when you do a factory reset and put Android P.
    And when you press the lock button of the screen and subsequently unlock it, then screen becomes responsive again because either the screen microcontroller is reset or hardware interrupted.
    The problem is can HMD fix the problem? If it’s really a hardware one they cannot. Even if it is a firmware bug I think they cannot update it without taking the screen apart into a laboratory.
    They could of course issue a new revision of the phone where they would have fixed the screen issue but this would mean that they wood have to recall and replace all Nokia 7 plus phones that are sold to today.
    Meanwhile Nokia’s reliability continues to be hurt.

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