Who Goes To The Movie Theaters?

Who Goes To The Movie Theaters?

Over the last 20 years, the number of movie theaters in the United States has fallen by nearly a quarter. But that doesn’t mean the cinema is dying. Despite the growth of online streaming services, over 1 billion people visit the cinema each year. Whether it’s to see the latest blockbuster, or for an affordable bit of luxury, everyone loves going to the movies.

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Affordable Luxury

As theaters install luxury seating and offer more amenities, the movie going experience is getting more luxurious. From adjustable reclining seats to full-service bars, theaters are doing everything they can think of to increase value for their patrons. You can even get dinner and a movie all in one place, with theaters that offer waitstaff and a full restaurant menu.

While many people will balk at the cost of going to an amusement park or sporting event, the movies offer a similar luxury experience at a fraction of the cost. And while movie tickets are getting pricier, it’s still cheaper to go to a theater than to upgrade your home theater to professional-quality equipment.


Immersive Viewing

There are fewer movie theaters in the United States than 20 years ago, but the number of screens has increased over the same period. Instead of traditional film-based viewing, these theaters offer digital, and often 3D projection for better picture quality. With Dolby Vision, theater screens are capable of projecting images that are brighter, more dynamic, and feature more vivid colors.

Surround sound is improving as well. With 64 speaker surround, Dolby Atmos surrounds moviegoers will sound on all sides, and from above. These systems don’t just assign sounds to a specific speaker, but pinpoint the location in the theater where a sound should occur, using multiple speakers to create effects that move seamlessly around the room.

The Blockbuster


One thing about the movies hasn’t changed and that’s the popularity of hit films. In the last five years, 6 out the top 10 grossing films were released and 2017 say record-breaking box office earnings. Two these record-breaking films were released just this year.

Not only are popular films still reaching blockbuster status, but we’re producing more films than ever before. In the past ten years, the number of films released in North America has grown by 22% with 777 films opening in theaters in 2017.

Check out this infographic to learn more about the affordable luxury of modern movie theater experience:

Affordable Luxury Movie Theaters

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