The Most Googled Summer Obsessions For Each State

Summer is a special season. Maybe it’s because kids are out of school, maybe it’s because the weather becomes warmer, or maybe because the words “summer” and “vacation” are not-so-coincidentally linked up together. No matter one’s reason for loving the season, each person and each part of the country has their favorite thing.

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To find out just what gets each state excited about summer, Chicago’s Home Run Inn Pizza looked at Google trends data and identified the most searched for summer obsessions across the country. The results ranged from cliché to unexpected.

It may come as no surprise that New England states like New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts’s are obsessed with lobster rolls in the summer months. The savory summer staple gained its fame out in the American northeast, and according to Google trends data, lobster rolls remain a highly sought summer snack.

Campsites were the top-searched commodity in Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming. An all-together not surprising search result given the area’s scenic terrain and famous National Parks.

Folks in Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware, Hawaii, New Mexico and Tennessee are obsessed with fresh fruits and vegetables as the most Googled summer item is a farmers market in those states.

Californians are living up to the stereotype with their summer obsession of skateboarding. The Golden State and its neighbor to the east, Nevada, are the only two states that share a top obsession of skateboards. Texas holds another unique obsession—koozies. Maybe it’s the Texas heat, or maybe Texans just love to party, but their top summer priority according to Google search volumes is keeping their beverages cold in the summer months.

People living in Utah, Missouri, Arkansas, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota have a more relaxing take on summer, their most searched for obsessions are hammocks.

New York and Illinois’s top summer search is for roof top bars. Considering the state’s major metropolitan areas of Manhattan and Chicago, respectively, it’s not surprising that residents are looking to soak up the fresh air and enjoy a cocktail in the big city.

While each state has its own summer preferences, the national as a whole has some overlap. Coming in at the very top of the nation’s list of summer obsessions was the word “burger,” followed by trampoline, farmers market, skateboard, air conditioner, grill, hammock, watermelon, popsicle, and flip flops. If you combine the nation’s top-10 you’d have one perfect summer day!

Most Googled Summer Obsessions By State F