Microsoft Surface Go Vs. Surface Pro: Cheaper But Slower

Microsoft’s new portable computing device is directly opposing Apple’s most budget-friendly iPads. Nevertheless, the device itself represents a more low-key version compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro. Take a look at the Microsoft Surface Go vs. Surface Pro, where we stacked up their pricing, specifications and features.

Microsoft Surface Go vs. Surface Pro: Pricing

The two devices are split by a huge pricing gap. While the “Pro” extension of Microsoft’s tablet likely serves to introduce a greater variety of features, performance and premium look, it is $400 more expensive compared to the “Go.” The Microsoft Surface Pro starts at $799, while the Surface Go is fixed at a $399 price-tag. According to Bloomberg, the reason for this is because of more computing power put in the Surface Pro.

The starter price of the Surface Go is most likely going to be warmly embraced by consumers who are eager to own it, while directly competing against Apple’s iPads. The latter is perhaps going to be used by consumers who are looking for a stronger processor and use tablets for work and study.

It’s important to add that depending on the setup chosen, the Surface Go price can range between $399 and $549.

Microsoft Surface Go vs. Surface Pro: Specifications

The Microsoft Surface Pro comes with an Intel Core m3 CPU (Kaby Lake) and is accompanied by 4GB of RAM. In order to establish enough storage, Microsoft added 128GB solid-state drive.

On the other hand, Surface Go sports more budget-friendly specifications. The $399 model is equipped with 4GB of RAM, Intel Premium Gold 4415Y CPU and it uses 64GB of eMMC storage. The $150 more expensive option sports 8GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive, with the same processing power. While the cheaper option is great for some day-to-day use, those who plan to use the Surface Go for work are encouraged to go for an option with more memory and storage.

Microsoft Surface Go vs. Surface Pro: Other features

Those who are concerned with the device’s ergonomics should keep in mind that the Surface Go is lighter compared to its more powerful siblings. In fact, it’s the most portable device as opposed to all current Surface products, weighing only 1.15 pounds. However, its battery runs out of juice four hours before the Surface Pro models.

Both the Surface Pro and Surface Go can sport an optional keyboard cover, which is available in a variety of colors and can use the optional Surface Pen, priced at $99. There is also the Surface Go Signature Type Cover to establish the laptop-class experience of typing on a keyboard and is equipped with a large trackpad. Buyers can get the black Type Cover for $99, while the ones colored in red, blue and silver can be found for $129 each.

Microsoft Surface Go will go on sale on Aug. 2 and will be available with Wi-Fi connectivity. The versions sporting cellular connection will come out later.

Microsoft will have quite a struggle in beating Apple’s cheapest iPad that is currently priced at $329, as well as the more expensive and powerful iPad Pro. Moreover, Apple offers a great variety of apps that support touchscreen and are more entertaining for users. On the other hand, Microsoft still lacks that touchscreen support that makes apps interesting to run on their tablets. Nevertheless, the keyboard attachment seems pretty trendy for all casual users, as well as students and workers.