Interview With Connor Browne And Bimal Shah, Thornburg Investment Management

Good morning listeners, Today is a very special episode with Connor Browne and Bimal Shah. Connor is a portfolio manager and managing director. He is a graduate of Princeton with a BA in economics. Bimal is an associate portfolio manager. He joined the firm in 2014 as a research analyst and was promoted to associate portfolio manager in 2016. In this episode we discuss where and how they find value and how they evaluate shorts.

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Connor Browne And Bimal Shah Thornburg Investment Management

Interview with Connor Browne and Bimal Shah

1:27 – Can you tell me about your background and how you got started in finance and investing?

3:14 – How would you describe your investment strategy and philosophy? What inspired you to pursue that style?

5:37 – Can you describe you investment process? Where do you find value and how do you define value?

8:12 – How effective is the feedback you get from them?

9:51 – Can you talk about the value you find in Apple, Facebook, and Google? Do you invest based on valuation for those?

12:00 – What are the key drivers that you found in Google and Facebook as well?

14:40 – How do you evaluate growth and how does that factor into your investment decision?

17:19 – Can you tell me more about your short process?

19:20 – For you shorts, do you focus on a particular industry or geography?

20:47 – Can you talk about an idea that you guys are working on?

22:47 – Do you have a potential time horizon as to when it will play out to what you want?

26:42 – How do you guys define and measure risk?

30:56 – What are your views on portfolio construction? Do you have it diversified or concentrated? How do you position your best ideas?

32:58 – What are your views on passive and active investing?

37:14 – Where do you guys find the best opportunities?

38:26 – What are your guys’ favorite books?

41:34 – Who are your guys’ mentors?

44:52 – Closing thoughts

Enjoy and thanks for the listen!