Guy Spier Speaks At The Kase Learning Webinar

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Guy Spier speaks at the Kase Learning webinar, July 25, 2018. For more information about Kase Learning and its programs, go to:

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Guy Spier Speaks At The Kase Learning Webinar


Whitney the one thing that I'd like to do if it's possible either now or in between really and I'd love to hear from the participants. I think that it's easier to address comments if I know exactly what the participants are up to. And I don't know if you have your own network.

Well we we as part of the this is our third of nine sessions two and a half hour session. And our three day lessons from the trenches investing bootcamp broken in the same exact same content we've broken into nine sessions so in our opening session everyone went around and introduced themselves.

Why do we do this when we are so that's fine. So this is like a forum just when you do ten minutes but when you ask the question just take it take a moment to say just 20 seconds about yourself. Is that does that sound good.

Yeah that's exactly what we did when Orlando Sean died joined us yesterday. And so you'll get to meet some folks.

But you know it's an incredibly you would us as a global citizen and someone who invested all over the world would absolutely love this group. You know we've got people on on right now from Romania from Saudi Arabia from Singapore some real early birds from the United States. We've got this the power of this web and our ability for people all over the world to log in into a real time classroom like this is really cool. It's a really great group of people.

Yeah. OK so we have NHP Salam on on the phone is as one of the participants as well fellow alum not to stress anybody out or anything but OK so I'll just tell you what's on my mind. It may take less than ten minutes and then we'll see where the questions go. So I just got back from my first trip to Russia. Never been to Russia before. We got some tickets to the World Cup semifinals and finals inSt. Petersburg and Moscow. Now I'm not a big soccer fan and I wouldn't have gone just on account of my song being a soccer fan but I was really curious to see this country that's been talked about so much and there's some relevance to investing. At the end I would say oh Dimitri Great to meet you. I see you're fromSt. Petersburg. Just make sure the chances are there. I loveSt. Peters. I was blown away. I was expecting a place that was far less like the West than it actually is. And I was blown away by how comfortable I was by how great the people were. You know I read stories about Russia being full of drunks and unhappy people. Nothing could be further from the truth. I expect that communist era buildings would be like bad British construction. Instead I found incredibly solid construction. I found that the trains were on time the fast train from anyway. All sorts of great things and then on the last night I met up with somebody I'd met previously and we had a discussion of some politics. And I saw reading a book about sort of what's been going on in Russia of the last 10 years and I figured out that what I would love and be very happy to visit the place I am extremely unlikely to invest there even though I've spent some time thinking about Sarabande. I think that and I don't really understand Russia very well. So much of reality presents itself in many many layers and it takes a long time to get down to the collapse of a real sense of what's going on.

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