Charts That Matter – You can finally receive 1% for loaning 30 year money to Japan

1. Burton Malkiel did perhaps more than anyone to popularize the notion that investing expertise is overrated in his classic book “A Random Walk Down Wall Street.” Despite some overwhelming evidence before and after the book’s publication and the rise of passive index funds, the Sohn Conference (where market experts give their best investment idea) is closely followed and attended by thousands of paying investment professionals. In an experiment done by WSJ, the returns by Dart pickers (just random people) beat the returns of some of the smartest investors.

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Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

The returns of dart pickers is in blue and investment experts in red

dart pickers

2. See these states colored in RED, well it is such a relief  to say that India has got normal monsoon but these states which will return more than 1/3 of lok sabha members next year are facing serious monsoon deficit….. . I am pretty sure there is one more financial relief package in offing.

dart pickers

3. Congratulation, now you can finally receive 1% for loaning 30 year money to Japan. What a deal!!!!!

dart pickers

4. The global digital health market has been valued at 118 billion dollars worldwide, according to industry research firm Statista. It is expected to reach a size of 206 billion by 2020, driven in particular by the mobile and wireless healthtech market. Managing patient data, telehealth applications as well as fitness and wellness, and consultation or remote control solutions via smartphones and interconnected healthcare devices are all driving growth in this area. Thanks to the robust outlook for this sector, healthtech trends may prove interesting when it comes long-term investment strategies.

dart pickers

Article by Ritesh Jain, World Out Of Whack