Changes To Dubai Working Hours Announced

A new human resources law passed on Sunday has changed working hours and benefits for government employees in Dubai. The new Dubai working hours include longer paid vacation and shorter working hours in order to provide a “supportive work environment” for government employees.

The Dubai Media Office explained the new changes:

“The new HR law includes 141 clauses instead of the previous 231 & features new clauses in areas such as Emiratisation, scholarship, learning & development. The law gives nationals looking for jobs and internships the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of Gov’t agencies.”

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More Paid Leave

One of the most noteworthy changes made with the new Dubai working hours is that government employees will get more paid leave.

According to the new Dubai working hours law issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, grade eight to 11 employees will now get 25 days of paid leave, whereas they only got 22 in the past. Those in grade seven or below will receive 18 as opposed to 15.

The new Dubai working hours also allows for bereavement leave. Government employees mourning the death of their spouse will receive 10 days of leave. Those who have recently lost a member of their extended family will get five days off.

Changing the Work Week

According to the new Dubai working hours law, the mandatory 40 hour week will be scrapped, meanwhile there will be additional benefits for working overtime.

Remote work options will be made available as well granting employees greater flexibility. Many employers across the world have been allowing greater opportunities for remote work, as it has been shown to improve employee morale and reduce stress. It also improves work life balance for working parents. The state of Vermont recently unveiled a grant program to attract more remote workers to the Green Mountain State.

For Those with Disabilities

Those with disabilities with receive additional protections under the new law. Not only will they be given priority for employment, they will also have an additional five days off and reduced working hours according to their need.

Those with health conditions may also be able to receive extended sick leave.

Climbing the Ladder

The new law makes it easier for employees to climb the career ladder, not only through educational opportunities, but also by establishing more flexible requirements for promotions. The Dubai Media Office highlighted the greater flexibility granted by the law, saying, “The new HR Law of #Dubai Government is more flexible, allowing government entities to issue regulations and decisions that suit the nature of their operations, and also addresses key issues.”

Additional Benefits

The new law also impacts the families of government employees. Family members may be eligible for government stipends whether they are from Dubai or abroad. Government employees will receive travel allowances for three of their children. In the past, only children under the age of 18 were eligible for the allowances. Now, children under the age of 21 are eligible.

The government will also be providing certain educational benefits. Those pursuing education will receive an additional five days off, which may be used towards research and presenting papers. Field training and travel for educational purposes may be offered as well.

Words on the New Law

Sheikh Mohammed tweeted about the new Dubai working hours:

“The new law translates our vision for a better future for our employees and giving them happiness. We aim to accomplish the requirements of success by giving our employees a stable environment in both employment and social sectors.”

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, sent out a tweet reading, “It is an important boost to Dubai’s ongoing efforts to update the work environment and institutional infrastructure of the government and maintain international standards.”

The Crown Prince went on to say, “It will support their career growth, and give them stability.

“Developing the skills and capabilities of UAE nationals, attracting the best minds and creating a work environment conducive to innovation and opportunities for growth based on merit – these are the pillars upon which we want to create an exemplary future for Dubai government workers.”