The Black Plague Is Back, This Time In Idaho

The Black Plague Is Back, This Time In Idaho
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Recently a kid in Idaho was diagnosed with the black plague. Yes that’s the plague that killed like 50 million people in the 14th century never really went away. Should you be worried?

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A kid in Idaho was diagnosed with the black  plague, according to the Central District Health Department in the state, and is reportedly recovering after receiving treatment. But authorities aren’t entirely sure whether the child was exposed to the disease in Idaho or on a recent trip to Oregon.

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The Black Plague in Idago


There were actually a few cases of the plague diagnosed each year in the U.S. In fact between 2010 and 2015 584 people have died from the plague partly because the wild rodent population can still harbor the Yersinia pestis bacterium which is a facultative anaerobic organism that can infect humans via the Oriental rectally. And this bad boy has been responsible for all the big plague infestations plagued Justinian quarter of the population of the Mediterranean the Black Death a third of the population of Europe. The third pandemic also known as the modern plague in the late 19th century. 10 million people killed in child cases of the plague in the U.S. usually crop up in the rural West and Southwest and officials aren't entirely sure how the kid caught it. More interestingly this is not the first time that this has happened in this state. In relatively recent memory there have been two cases of the plague in Idaho and eight cases in Oregon since 1990. Around seven people are diagnosed with the plague in the U.S. each year. And it's often when they or their pets come in contact with the dead or wild animal that's carrying a flea with the you're Cynthia pestis bacteria. Though the plague continues to be a pretty serious disease and you can still die from it it's pretty rare in the U.S. and it's treatable with antibiotics.

So I guess the worst part of getting the plague is not being able to drink for a couple of weeks or you can roll the dice if it's any consolation. Experts do take it really seriously. They quarantine the individual they enter everyone they've come into contact with. They're not messing around with it which is good because the nickname is the black and you don't you don't mess with the fact that you figure out how to stop it and then you stop it which is good because the plaque dead murdered. Hopefully by now you're not too worried about the plague and we hear it crops up in the U.S.. You're not going to be losing your mind. Don't forget to Like Share and Subscribe and hopefully this video can go viral. What. No. That's terrible. Viral is the same word now. OK let's get one more.

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