Apple Watch Series 4 Concept: Is This How The New Watch Will Look Like?

Apple Watch Series 4 Concept: Is This How The New Watch Will Look Like?
Image Source: @VenyaGeskin1 / Twitter (screenshot)

Apple is currently beta testing the watchOS 5 software that will be released alongside the next-gen Apple Watch Series 4 later this fall. Reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities has told clients that the new Watch models would feature a bigger screen real estate. Based on Kuo’s prediction, designer Ben Geskin has come up with some cool Apple Watch Series 4 concept renders and compared them with previous generations of Apple Watch.

Check out these sleek Apple Watch Series 4 concept renders

Kuo had previously said the new Watch would have a 15% larger display compared to its predecessor. The analyst didn’t elaborate on whether Apple will increase the Watch’s form factor to accommodate the bigger display or achieve it by reducing the thickness of bezels. The current Apple Watch models have thick bezels all around the display. The smaller screen makes it a bit difficult for users.

In his latest note, the TF International Securities analyst said the new Watch would be available in 39.9mm (1.57-inch) and 45.2mm (1.78-inch) screen sizes compared to the existing 38mm and 42mm. Apple hasn’t changed the design of its smartwatches in years. The Series 4 could be the first Watch to get a major design overhaul.

Geskin’s Apple Watch Series 4 concept shows off reduced bezels to accommodate the larger display. Even a tiny increase in the display size could significantly enhance the user experience. Customers will be able to see more details in photos, larger numerals on watch faces, and more text on the screen. The Apple Watch Series 4 concept renders shared by Geskin look sleek.

The mockups pack a bigger screen in the existing physical dimensions. The Apple Watch Series 4 concept has rounded corners similar to the iPhone X to maximize the display real estate. Geskin also compared the renders with the previous few generations of Apple Watch to give you an idea of what the new device might look like. In his images, you can see the Apple Watch Series 4 concept on the left with a Pink Sand Sport Loop band. The Series 1 to 3 models are placed on the right.

Meanwhile, noted developer Ryan Jones calculated that the larger displays could give users 35% and 38% bigger display areas for 38mm and 42mm models, respectively. If it happens, it will improve the way you interact with the device and reduce the scrolling.

Apple Watch Series 4 specs

The original Apple Watch had limited capabilities. Apple added water-resistance and GPS with the Series 2, and introduced cellular capabilities with Series 3. The upcoming Series 4 would focus on design changes. The watchOS 5, which will come pre-installed on Series 4 models, brings support for podcasts, the ability to play audio from third-party apps, a watch-to-watch walkie-talkie feature, and fitness-related features.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to pack a larger battery to enhance the battery life. The current Series 3 Watch has a decent battery life, but it needs to be charged almost every day. In contrast, smartwatches from Fitbit and Garmin last up to four days.

Another way Apple could enhance battery life is by using a new display technology. It’s no secret that the tech giant has been developing a MicroLED display for years.Β Bloomberg has learned from reliable sources that the next-gen Watch could feature Apple’s own MicroLED screens. The new display technology will make the wearable device “slimmer, brighter, less power hungry.”

The Series 4 Watch will also support Apple’s AirPower that was announced last year. Kuo predicts the AirPower will enter mass production in the third quarter this year, and debut later this fall without any supply constraints. The AirPower fast charging mat allows users to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Even though the AirPower is yet to debut, the tech giant had added support for it in the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 4 to go big on health features

The first-gen Apple Watch lacked a clear direction. The subsequent generations began focusing on health and fitness. Ming-Chi Kuo believes the Series 4 model will bring improved health monitoring features. The current Apple Watch models are unable to monitor your heart rate continuously at all times. The new Watch could bring continuous heart rate monitoring.

Another feature we expect to see in the Apple Watch Series 4 is sleep tracking. Last year, the iPhone maker acquired sleep-tracking firm Beddit. It could use Beddit’s technology for sleep monitoring in the Apple Watch Series 4. But Apple has to enhance the Watch’s battery life before adding the feature because the existing Watch requires nightly charging. If the Series 4 Watch doesn’t have a long battery life, users may be forced to charge it overnight instead of wearing it for sleep analysis.

The Apple Watch Series 4 could also bring blood glucose monitoring sensors. Measuring blood glucose would require a special band or sensor.

Apple Watch Series 4 price and release date

Apple is said to unveil the next-gen Apple Watch in September along with the iPhone X successors. For the last couple of years, the tech giant has released new Watch models in the first half of September.

There is no word on pricing yet. When Apple released the Series 3 last year, it had the same price tag as the previous year’s Series 2. So, we expect the base model of Apple Watch Series 4 to cost $329, which is what the Series 3 costs now. The cellular variant of Series 4 is expected to start at $400 in the United States.

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