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54,000,000 Tons of Foodservice Packaging Products to Be Sold Until 2026

In spite of the situation of the foodservice packaging market from North America, the business still demands the expansion. This happens due to the request of foodservice settings in the U.S. Hectic and, of course, the life of millions of people from North America that has given them an only choice to keep it up with the convenient food. Also, the spread of home deliveries for foods, given by different food service stores has made people want the food service packaging.

By the end of 2026…

This was originally found in SBWire. It was also stated that, when it comes to volume, a CAGR worth of 6.9% was planned for the worldwide food service packaging market for the 2017-2026 period. Global sales of foodservice packaging found their balance to explain the $170,000 Mn incomes by the end of 2026.

Commercial foodservice stores to give healthy meals

Given the good consciousness of the clients around the world, there are both various non-commercial and commercial foodservice stores, which come with nutritious and healthy meals. It’s true that they made their appearance out of nowhere as of late, and allow customers to control the number of calories. This also means that efficient & effective packaging solutions are needed when it comes to ready-to-eat food. Also the use of suitable packaging has increased the demand for foodservice packaging.

Food service packaging manufacturers have come up with innovative solutions regarding this matter, and also for home delivery food and takeaway. They also included novelties, such as compostable and biodegradable packaging.

They helped in keeping the food fresh for longer

In the past, grooved packaging has come to a great importance in the foodservice business, preventing the food products from releases and spills. They also had the ability to retain the fresh food for more time. Many companies also wanted to add sustainable foodservice packaging solutions, while making investigations about the R&D activities that are known for recyclable & reusable packaging materials.

It’s sure that North America will be the leader in the largest market share, with its sales that exceed 15,500 ‘000 tons. By 2026, the deals of foodservice packaging products from North America are going to show the highest CAGR. The deals from Europe and Asia-Pacific (without Japan, APEJ), are expected to show the similar shares of the market by 2026. The sales in APEJ will probably also record a faster growing than those from Europe by 2026.

When it comes to the product type, it’s a sure thing that plates will remain the leaders on the market, next to the cups. The sales of plates and disposable cups are expected to surpass 21,000 ‘000 tons until 2026.