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Louis Gave China Inflation

Chinese Media Asks – Will US Attempts At Containing China Work?

US President Donald Trump has recently implemented a string of confinements aimed at containing China's rise. Cross-Strait tension jumped after the US signed the...
Inflationary Environment

Charts That Matter – Debt productivity Is Decreasing But For China Its A Collapse

1. In an inflationary environment … do NOT expect bonds to act as a hedge to lower equities ( very evident today). As the...

Tesla In-Depth Short Thesis – July Update

Stanphyl Capital July 2018 letter to investors on Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) See our full archive of Q2 letters right here We remain short shares of (and...
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Superb Compilations of letters, articles and other materials by/about many famous investors

From Whitney Tilson's latest email to investors - scroll to the bottom for some real gems basically a compilation of letters featuring Buffett, Graham, Gayner...
RMB Internationalization

Market Drives Yuan, Chinese Media Claims

A row over tariffs between China and the US is fueling fears of a currency war. US President Donald Trump attacked the EU and...

The Most Interesting Debate In Corporate Governance Is Happening In Real Time And Most...

The most interesting debate in corporate governance is not happening in the boardroom or  between activist owners and boards. Rather, it’s happening all across...
Long-term care costs

Americans Grossly Unprepared For Long-Term Care Costs

Less than half of Americans think they'll ever need long-term care (i.e. nursing home, assisted living facility), but in reality, 70% will end up...
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What Is The CAPE Ratio? –

The price/earnings ratio is probably the most widely used valuation ratio in investment, but it does have many flaws. In this video, Ed Bowsher...

Behavioural Biases And Their Effects On Investment Decisions Series- Part 4

Investment is not a number; in fact, it is a mind game. The entire phenomenon and process of investment is guided and controlled by...
pakistan government twitter account fake news

Pakistan IMF Bailout: A New Chapter In China vs. US Trade War

With the Pakistani economy reaching a crisis point, a Pakistan IMF bailout is likely in the works. While PTI leaders have indicated that Pakistan’s...
Bitmain Technologies IPO

Largest Crypto Miner To IPO In Hong Kong

This week, it was reported that the co-CEO of Bitmain Technologies, the world's largest cryptocurrency mining company, has revealed plans to conduct an initial public...
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Warren Buffett’s First Television Interview – Discussing Timeless Investment Principles

Warren Buffett's first television interview from the year 1985, in which he discusses timeless investment principles. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Warren Buffett’s First...

An Interview With John Stroud Of NRJ Capital

Today is a very special episode with John Stroud, co-founder and managing partner of NRJ Capital. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Prior to co-founding...
Number Of US Public Companies

Number Of US Public Companies Falls By Almost 50%

Public Companies Disappearing - Investors Lose Opportunities Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc FORECASTS & TRENDS E-LETTER by Gary D. Halbert July 31, 2018 1. 2Q GDP Hits...
Arquitos Capital Management Commentary

Arquitos Capital Management 2Q18 Commentary – launching a second U.S.-based fund in the coming...

Arquitos Capital Management commentary for the second quarter ended June 30, 2018. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc The truth is cruel, but it can...