Sweet Nostalgia With Warren Buffett And Bill Gates

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates meet up at Hollywood Candy in Omaha’s Old Market. We follow them around as they reminisce about their favorite treats, Bill and Melinda’s special connection to Willie Nelson, why pinball machines were the best business Warren ever had, and a lot more.

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Sweet Nostalgia With Warren Buffett And Bill Gates


Wasn't my kind of place. I think it's a lot of fun when you can have a product like it seems candy or whatever you really want the product itself. I like to eat especially candy when I was sex. We're talking in 1936 now. I got a nickel a week allowance and we would go up the earnings drug start there. They would have Henningham so that Nicole would entitle me to five choices and I can spend an hour making those choices. Peanut Brittle is my favorite. Well I like I like the peanut brittle a lot and there's no way to stop once you started eating in a bottle. Oh Crackerjacks right. Yeah they have a prize. But yeah crackerjack and that's one of those things where they managed to get the salt in the sugar mix where you just keep eating it because it's salty and sugary. Yeah I got it to these kind of things and whoppers just like in the mouth. Does that mean. How about dark trucks. What do you think of that. Well I like almost everything just just offered to me by now. This is unbelievable. I claim to be pretty good at pinball machines for 21 1945 the small empire out of it. It was the best business that I was ever in. I peeked very early in my business career going all downhill upward. So this is this article is the start of the personal computer industry. This really cheap kid computer appeared on the cover of this magazine.

And we saw it in December 74 and then Paul was saying OK you've got to drop out we've got to start Microsoft this is going to happen without us. And in fact this company who made this made became our first customer. It is something that I'd heard the story that I've never seen them before. And frankly I'd rather I wouldn't have known what to do with the book that first came out in 1949 the Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham when I read this book can change my life and anytime time the market takes a sharp guy. And you get tempted to sell or something just pull of this book and reread it. Warren made his first trip to Hawaii and got married in Melinda's gift to me was that she had Willie Nelson come and sing the night before the wedding. So this is called special history. I mean when I was a kid the big thing to do is listen to your hit parade presented by like try to be happy go lucky and they would and they would start with number 10 to work their way up that hour. And Glenn Miller was probably number one. They are going to have to go yeah I can probably hum and they want those songs on there. Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum I'll take the whole place and get it all.