Front Line Support With Rachel Carpenter [Podcast]

Today is a very special episode back with Rachel Carpenter, founder and CEO of Intrinio is helping make financial information accessible and affordable for everyone who uses financial information or who would like financial information. In today’s episode we discuss the latest features of Intrinio and the stories of the early days.

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Rachel Carpenter

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Front Line Support With Rachel Carpenter


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1:18 – What are the new developments?

2:50 – How does the financial modeling function work?

5:00 – Can you tell me about the excel add-in and the stock screener as well?

8:41 – What are the new tools for the developers?

12:02 – How is the developer program progressing and what are some of the apps that they are building?

15:33 – What is the blogger program and how does that work?

17:13 – Tell me about the early days and bootstrapping efforts?

23:33 – What were the early days like in terms of customer acquisition?

27:17 – How important is customer service and what did you learn from making over 2500 calls?

29:22 – Anything that you learned to help make your product better?

31:26 – What is your advice to entrepreneurs and how to incorporate customer feedback?

33:09 – Is being located in Florida a competitive advantage?

35:37 – What are the key business lessons you have learned so far?

37:43 – What lessons have you learned as CEO and founder?

39:32 – Your thoughts on blockchain

41:20 – What are you excited most coming 2018?

Enjoy and thanks for the listen!

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