PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 Update For iOS Is Available For Download Now

PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 Update For iOS Is Available For Download Now
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The PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 update for iOS is now live and available to download. Here is what changed with the brand new update.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is one of the most popular games in the world, and although it is currently facing some stiff competition from the likes of Fortnite, the expansion of their brand and the engagement of their player base shows no sign of slowing down.

Originally released on PC around a year ago, it jump started the wild popularity of the Battle Royale genre and gave rise to a popular video game phenomenon responsible for millions and millions of revenue every day.

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PUBG Mobile alone makes around $700,000 a day, and remains one of the most popular apps on the App Store and Google Play to this day. While the app is still a good ways behind the Chinese version that was the original PUBG Mobile title, the developers seem committed to continuing to flesh out the mobile version and deliver a complete gameplay experience that rivals the gameplay we see on Xbox One and PC.

The latest update, PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 for iOS has now gone live, and it brings with it a number of changes that make the game a more enjoyable and balanced experience overall.

Let’s dive into what exactly changed with the PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 update for iOS.

PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 Update For iOS

The biggest change with the PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 update for iOS comes with the addition of the Royale Pass, which allows players to complete daily and weekly missions in order to rack up points and increase their rank within the game. Additional crates with cosmetic items are rewarded each week if the user manages to complete a specific amount of missions.

This new feature is in the same vein as the Battle Pass included with Fortnite which has been an incredibly successful program. The Royale Pass will generate income by default, but it also incentivizes people playing more often which will lead to more purchases indirectly as well.

In addition to the Royale Pass, the PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 update for iOS also includes Mini-Zone – a unique experience that puts 100 players on a smaller map with three times the amount of loot drops. This will greatly speed up the pace of the game and make for some quick and exciting action when you’re looking for something a little less serious and competitive than the main title.

Other features include airplane finishes, improved voice chat during matches, new Asian characters and character profiles, and new emotes that allow players to interact with one another.

A bug fix was also implemented that should fix the issue with a crash on startup which was affecting a number of iOS devices, and the annoying problem with vehicles causing damage to teammates has also been patched out.

The PUBG Mobile 0.6.1 update for iOS seems to be a fully-featured update with a lot to offer gamers, and we’re optimistic for the future of the title if regular updates with this amount of content continue to roll out. We’re excited to get into the game and start playing around with Royale Pass, and there are no doubt millions of players looking to do the same.

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